Bourton-on-the-Water 10k
23 Feb 2020
Sum of times
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Womens team1CLC STRIDERS02:00:253
Womens team3CLC STRIDERS02:06:243
Womens team4NORTH COTSWOLD TRI & RUN02:13:093
Womens team5ANGELS RC02:15:213
Womens team6BLACK PEAR JOGGERS02:18:453
Womens team7KENILWORTH RUNNERS02:19:313
Womens team8STROUD & DISTRICT AC02:19:393
Womens team9WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS02:21:193
Womens team10CLC STRIDERS02:23:003
Womens team11CIRENCESTER AC02:23:353
Womens team12TEWKESBURY RUNNING CLUB02:24:113
Womens team13HOOK NORTON HARRIERS02:29:183
Womens team14ALMOST ATHLETES02:30:193
Womens team15ACTIVE SOUL02:32:413
Womens team16SEVERN AC02:34:493
Womens team17EVESHAM VALE RUNNING CLUB02:37:013
Womens team18TEWKESBURY RUNNING CLUB02:37:433
Womens team19NORTH COTSWOLD TRI & RUN02:37:573
Womens team20COTSWOLD ALLRUNNERS02:41:253
Womens team21ALMOST ATHLETES02:44:113
Womens team22ALMOST ATHLETES02:45:543
Womens team23CIRENCESTER AC02:46:023
Womens team24LONELY GOAT ATHLETICS CLUB02:47:443
Womens team25DURSLEY RUNNING CLUB02:48:203
Womens team26ALMOST ATHLETES02:49:343
Womens team27ANGELS RC02:50:413
Womens team28TEWKESBURY RUNNING CLUB02:56:163
Womens team29ABINGDON AC03:06:403
Womens team30ALMOST ATHLETES03:07:213
Womens team31BLACK PEAR JOGGERS03:07:423
Womens team32VEGAN RUNNERS UK03:09:243
Womens team33ALMOST ATHLETES03:36:343