Hairy Legs Challenge
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Race Series
8 May 2016
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1350Chris LUCAS00:48:01.4Hairy Legs Solo1Male115.0 km/h
2334Jonty DE LA HARPE00:50:01.6Hairy Legs Solo2Male214.4 km/h
3333Jon DARWENT00:52:09.5Hairy Legs Solo3Male313.8 km/h
4347Jeremy LAMING00:53:02.1Hairy Legs Solo4Male413.6 km/h
5389Andrew STANTON00:53:21.3Old Crumblie 50 yrs+1Male513.5 km/h
6345Marcin JEDRZEJOWSKI00:53:23.6Hairy Legs Solo5Male613.5 km/h
7439Team SUJO00:53:54.4Standard Team1Mixed113.4 km/h
8339Mark HOMER00:54:23.4Hairy Legs Solo6Male713.2 km/h
9353Robert MARTIN00:55:09.3Hairy Legs Solo7Male813.1 km/h
10376Martin WALKER00:57:33.5Hairy Legs Solo8Male912.5 km/h
11366Paul RADZIWILL00:57:58.3Hairy Legs Solo9Male1012.4 km/h
12374Tom STREET00:58:40.9Hairy Legs Solo10Male1112.3 km/h
13369Philip ROSE00:59:27.2Hairy Legs Solo11Male1212.1 km/h
14344William JACOBSON00:59:53.1Hairy Legs Solo12Male1312.0 km/h
15384Paul MIRON01:01:09.5Old Crumblie 50 yrs+2Male1411.8 km/h
16450Madeline And Andrew BASTAWROUS01:02:47.6Standard Team2Mixed211.5 km/h
17377Richard WEBB01:02:55.7Hairy Legs Solo13Male1511.4 km/h
18416Paul MORRIS01:03:09.9Old Crumblie 50 yrs+3Male1611.4 km/h
19386Mark ROTHWELL01:03:12.3Old Crumblie 50 yrs+4Male1711.4 km/h
20328Hugh BRADLEY01:03:20.6Hairy Legs Solo14Male1811.4 km/h
21406Hamish MCCASTILL01:03:22.3Hairy Legs Solo15Male1911.4 km/h
22440Team THE DEER'S01:03:45.9Standard Team3Mixed311.3 km/h
23341Daniel HUBBALL01:03:51.7Hairy Legs Solo16Male2011.3 km/h
24381Steven HUNT01:04:02.7Old Crumblie 50 yrs+5Male2111.2 km/h
25354Tara MCINNES01:04:23.7Hairy Legs Solo1Female111.2 km/h
26352Ross MARDEN01:04:33.8Hairy Legs Solo17Male2211.2 km/h
27442Eeke TRIGGS-HODGE01:04:55.0Hairy Legs Solo2Female211.1 km/h
28415John ODONOHUE01:05:11.5Old Crumblie 50 yrs+6Male2311.0 km/h
29363Jenny O'CONNOR01:05:17.4Hairy Legs Solo3Female311.0 km/h
30320Paul ATKINS01:05:20.8Hairy Legs Solo18Male2411.0 km/h
31322Dale BARTRAM01:05:39.2Hairy Legs Solo19Male2511.0 km/h
32340Jules HOPKINSON01:06:00.0Hairy Legs Solo20Male2610.9 km/h
33420Matt DODD01:06:00.9Hairy Legs Solo21Male2710.9 km/h
34423Team DOG WALKERS RUNNING01:06:03.7Standard Team4Mixed410.9 km/h
35433Team OLD ROWERS01:06:21.6Standard Team5Mixed510.8 km/h
36372Nick SLADE01:06:33.1Hairy Legs Solo22Male2810.8 km/h
37325Neil BATHGATE01:06:54.4Hairy Legs Solo23Male2910.8 km/h
38348Leigh LAZENBY01:07:03.5Hairy Legs Solo4Female410.7 km/h
39343Dave ILLINGWORTH01:07:17.6Hairy Legs Solo24Male3010.7 km/h
40365Scott PETTY01:07:46.2Hairy Legs Solo25Male3110.6 km/h
41326Andy BEST01:07:47.4Hairy Legs Solo26Male3210.6 km/h
42336Peter EVANS01:08:12.0Hairy Legs Solo27Male3310.6 km/h
43318Justin ADAMS01:08:13.8Hairy Legs Solo28Male3410.6 km/h
44355Gary MCVIE01:08:52.8Hairy Legs Solo29Male3510.5 km/h
45417Lisa MARTIN01:09:12.8Hairy Legs Solo5Female510.4 km/h
46380Andrew BURTENSHAW01:09:34.0Old Crumblie 50 yrs+7Male3610.3 km/h
47330Richard CORBETT01:09:46.4Hairy Legs Solo30Male3710.3 km/h
48370Duncan SHEARMAN01:11:05.9Hairy Legs Solo31Male3810.1 km/h
49441Team HUGH AND DIANA01:11:55.4Standard Team6Mixed610.0 km/h
50329Dan COBLEY01:12:04.8Hairy Legs Solo32Male3910.0 km/h
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