Mapledurham 10k and 10 mile
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29 Nov 2015
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1380Jamie SMITH39:15FinishedTop 21Male1READING ROADRUNNERS 15.3 km/h
2376Matt PEMBROKE40:18FinishedTop 22Male2NEWBURY ATHLETICS CLUB 14.9 km/h
3206Gavin SPIERS41:00FinishedUnder 401Male3TRI2O 14.6 km/h
4328Simon GOUGH43:11FinishedUnder 402Male4  13.9 km/h
5363Tom GARROD43:26Finished40-491Male5WITNEY ROADRUNNERS 13.8 km/h
6381Paul NELIS44:15Finished40-492Male6DERRY EXILES 13.6 km/h
7345Brendan MORRIS45:06FinishedUnder 403Male7  13.3 km/h
8373Edward DODWELL45:32Finished50-591Male8READING ROADRUNNERS 13.2 km/h
9330Tim DAVIES45:43FinishedUnder 404Male9NEWBURY ATHLETICS CLUB 13.1 km/h
10368Leo PACKHAM46:00FinishedUnder 405Male10  13.0 km/h
11344Mike MEWSE46:29Finished60+1Male11WESTBURY HARRIERS 12.9 km/h
12348Steve PARSONS47:01Finished50-592Male12RUNNYMEDE RUNNERS 12.8 km/h
13275Alec PARCELL47:21FinishedUnder 406Male13  12.7 km/h
14358Ewan HARRIS47:28FinishedUnder 407Male14READING ROADRUNNERS 12.6 km/h
15265Tony WHITE48:16Finished40-493Male15  12.4 km/h
16221Stuart GUNTZENBACH48:30Finished50-593Male16  12.4 km/h
17390Chris ASEMI48:37FinishedUnder 408Male17  12.3 km/h
18263Gary STAPLES48:44FinishedUnder 409Male18  12.3 km/h
19312Georgia WHALLEY49:21FinishedTop 21Female1READING AC 12.2 km/h
20247Winnie SWANN49:43FinishedTop 22Female2READING KNIGHTS ATHLETICS 12.1 km/h
21225Nicholas YEOMAN50:15FinishedUnder 4010Male19  11.9 km/h
22350Rob TURNER50:38Finished40-494Male20  11.8 km/h
23240Sean FULLER50:59Finished40-495Male21  11.8 km/h
24362Ivor MCGURK51:15FinishedUnder 4011Male22  11.7 km/h
25224James MULLANEY51:51FinishedUnder 4012Male23  11.6 km/h
26335Thomas PLATT51:55FinishedUnder 4013Male24  11.6 km/h
27201Paul ATKINS51:58Finished40-496Male25  11.5 km/h
28351Pawel BUDA52:00FinishedUnder 4014Male26  11.5 km/h
29311Renee WHALLEY52:00FinishedUnder 401Female3READING AC 11.5 km/h
30264Adam EVANS52:01Finished40-497Male27  11.5 km/h
31115Hannah OLIVER52:14Finished Female4  11.5 km/h
32313Nick LEES52:33Finished40-498Male28  11.4 km/h
33277Greg HOLLINGWORTH52:36FinishedUnder 4015Male29  11.4 km/h
34271John DICKENS52:41Finished40-499Male30  11.4 km/h
35315Heidi PRICE52:54FinishedUnder 402Female5READING JOGGERS 11.3 km/h
36226Stephen WING53:03Finished40-4910Male31  11.3 km/h
37388Keith WISHART53:17Finished50-594Male32  11.3 km/h
38392Andrew COLTMAN53:45Finished50-595Male33SEAC 11.2 km/h
39338Robert MOLLOY53:49FinishedUnder 4016Male34HART ROAD RUNNERS 11.1 km/h
40241Veronika MCKILLOP53:49FinishedUnder 403Female6  11.1 km/h
41234Rob MANTEL53:53Finished40-4911Male35  11.1 km/h
42230Chris WILLIAMS53:55FinishedUnder 4017Male36  11.1 km/h
43233Jenny HUGHES53:55FinishedUnder 404Female7  11.1 km/h
44321Jonas WALTERS53:56Finished40-4912Male37TRI2O 11.1 km/h
45325Jason LAMDEN54:16Finished40-4913Male38  11.1 km/h
46252Martin LOMAS54:20FinishedUnder 4018Male39  11.0 km/h
47249Simom BRIMACOMBE54:27Finished40-4914Male40READING ROADRUNNERS 11.0 km/h
48251Suzanne JOHNSTON54:54FinishedUnder 405Female8  10.9 km/h
49333Danny HUSZARIK54:55Finished40-4915Male41  10.9 km/h
50244Sian ROLLINGS55:10Finished50-591Female9READING AC 10.9 km/h
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