Summer Gut Buster
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8 Jul 2018
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663Steve MCGEOWN45:1940-492Male4HOOK RUNNERS13.2 km/h
724Harriet CHETTLEBURGH45:3040-491Female3TRI2013.2 km/h
844Daniel HARE45:3240-493Male5 13.2 km/h
973Nick ONSLOW46:2840-494Male6BRAMLEY TRAIL RUNNERS12.9 km/h
1079Nigel RAYMENT46:3740-495Male7 12.9 km/h
1174Chris PAYNE47:4740-496Male8 12.6 km/h
1278Dave RANDALL48:5040-497Male9 12.3 km/h
13100Colin WILSON48:5840-498Male10TRI2O TRIATHLON CLUB12.3 km/h
4105Andy MORGAN42:4540-491Male3READING ROADRUNNERS 14.0 km/h
1575Richard PENNEY50:1740-499Male12 11.9 km/h
1781Mike ROFFE51:5040-4910Male14 11.6 km/h
2287Mark SMITH52:5640-4911Male18 11.3 km/h
2336Jay FOAD52:5940-4912Male19BRACKNELL FOREST RUNNERS11.3 km/h
2545Tracey HARE53:4140-492Female5 11.2 km/h
2885Jason SCOTT54:4840-4913Male23HOOK RUNNERS10.9 km/h
3519Graeme CALVER56:5240-4914Male28 10.6 km/h
4065Lorna MCLEOD58:1140-493Female9 10.3 km/h
4166Eoin MCLEOD58:1240-4915Male32 10.3 km/h
42103David THOMAS58:3140-4916Male33 10.3 km/h
4368Stuart MORGAN59:5740-4917Male34 10.0 km/h
4820Jo CANDLISH1:01:3640-494Female12  9.7 km/h
538Jane BAILEY1:03:3740-496Female16  9.4 km/h
5413Richard BRANT1:03:3740-4918Male38  9.4 km/h
5556Mark JOHNSON1:03:4240-4919Male39  9.4 km/h
6067Jason MINNS1:05:5040-4920Male42  9.1 km/h
6182Anna ROHR1:05:5040-497Female19  9.1 km/h
6276Andrew PHILLIPS1:06:5340-4921Male43  9.0 km/h
5189Lucy STEAD1:02:5640-495Female14  9.5 km/h
6918Sam BULEY1:09:3440-498Female22  8.6 km/h
7699Alan WILLS1:12:0840-4922Male48  8.3 km/h
785Joanne ASH1:15:0440-499Female30BURGHFIELD RUNNING CLUB 8.0 km/h
8959Donna KIDD1:38:0740-4910Female39ENGINEERING RUNNERS 6.1 km/h
8383Shelley ROUNDING1:22:3750-592Female33HI-5 ROOKSDOWN 7.3 km/h
8147Bev HENRY1:21:3250-591Unknown1  7.4 km/h
6628Mike DEAN1:07:4950-5910Male45  8.8 km/h
6798Steve WILLIAMS1:08:0250-5911Male46  8.8 km/h
687Richard BAILEY1:09:3450-5912Male47  8.6 km/h
7060Christine LANCASTER1:09:3450-591Female23  8.6 km/h
5696Jerry WHITMARSH1:04:4850-598Male40  9.3 km/h
5764Ray MCGROARTY1:05:1550-599Male41READING ROADRUNNERS 9.2 km/h
2733Nigel EVANS54:1950-593Male22SANDHURST JOGGERS11.0 km/h
4717Julian BROWNE1:01:1250-597Male36  9.8 km/h
3034Kevin EVELY55:4150-594Male24 10.8 km/h
3215Mark BROOKS56:1550-595Male25FAREHAM CRUSADERS10.7 km/h
339Paul BENNETT56:2650-596Male26ROAD RUNNERS CLUB10.6 km/h
242Robin ALEXANDER53:0850-592Male20 11.3 km/h
1425Nick CLARK49:0750-591Male11READING JOGGERS12.2 km/h
1958Simon KAYE52:1560+1Male16 11.5 km/h
341Peter The Train MORRIS56:4260+2Male27READING ROADRUNNERS 10.6 km/h
6442Mike GUSH1:07:0960+3Male44  8.9 km/h
Page 1 of 2 (90 items)