Great Welsh Marathon
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7 May 2017
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Bib No
Cat Pos
Gender *
Gen Pos
7Sylvia BEEREnteredSenFemale
34Meir EVANSEnteredSenFemale
40Lisa FOXEnteredSenFemale
72Charlotte JONESEnteredSenFemale
75Ellie JONESEnteredSenFemale
86Ivonne LLANOSEnteredSenFemale
113Joanne RYANEnteredVet 40Female
141Julie TWISTEnteredVet 40Female
225Jade CAHILLEnteredSenFemale
236Sophie DARKEnteredSenFemale
243Liz DENTONEnteredVet 50Female
254Sian EVANSEnteredSenFemale
276Sian GRIFFITHSEnteredSenFemale
301Sian JAMESEnteredVet 40Female
307Amy JOHNEnteredSenFemale
366Rachel QUENAULTEnteredVet 40Female
371Sara REEDEnteredSenFemale
375Reanne REFFELLEnteredSenFemale
377Megan Haf RICHARDSEnteredSenFemale
295Benita HULBERTEnteredVet 40Female
393Kathryn SWEETMANEnteredVet 40Female
399Mari THOMASEnteredSenFemale
429Roisin WILLMOTT EnteredAll AgesFemale
296Nick IMPEYEnteredSenMale
2Antonio ANTONIAZZIEnteredVet 40Male
392David SWEETMANEnteredVet 40Male
326Michael LIEBERMANEnteredVet 40Male
343Simon MITCHESONEnteredSenMale
347Glenn MORRISEnteredAll AgesMale
353Rahul PANDEYEnteredSenMale
282Sniffer HALLEnteredVet 50Male
273Matthew GREENOUGHEnteredVet 40Male
244Ding DINGEnteredSenMale
248Rory ENGLANDEnteredSenMale
229Alan CHESTERSEnteredVet 60+Male
234Kern CUNNINGHAM EnteredSenMale
219Chris BULLENEnteredVet 40Male
122Kyle SMITHEnteredSenMale
129Stephen TEMPLETONEnteredVet 40Male
135Richard THOMASEnteredSenMale
93Christian MEARSEnteredAll AgesMale
103David REESEnteredVet 40Male
104Garmon RHYSEnteredVet 40Male
105Sean RICE EnteredVet 40Male
109Mike RICHARDSONEnteredSenMale
78Stephen JONESEnteredSenMale
73David JONESEnteredSenMale
47Mark GRIFFITHSEnteredVet 40Male
35Mike EVANSEnteredVet 40Male
37Stuart FELTHAMEnteredSenMale
Page 1 of 2 (54 items)