Adderbury Half Marathon 2018
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8 Jul 2018
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1341Matthew LOCK41:31.841:30.0Male1WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS14.4 km/h
2374Kevin TUSTAIN41:50.941:48.9Male2BRACKLEY AND DISTRICT RC14.3 km/h
3364Nick SHEA45:41.545:39.0Male3 13.1 km/h
4324John HARVEY48:52.048:49.0Male4ABINGDON AC12.3 km/h
5385Michelle BARTLETT50:46.050:42.9Female1 11.8 km/h
6386Tim Kyte50:56.150:51.9Male5 11.8 km/h
7328Jade HEWLETT52:19.852:16.0Female2WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS11.5 km/h
8321Warren HARRISON52:55.552:53.5Male6CHERWELL RUNNERS & JOGGERS11.3 km/h
9338Graham LE GOOD53:09.353:05.4Male7WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS11.3 km/h
10366Stephen STANDLEY 53:24.753:18.1Male8UKRUNCHAT RUNNING CLUB11.2 km/h
11349Alistair PAGNAMENTA53:50.453:47.8Male9 11.1 km/h
12391Matthew Varney54:30.054:19.7Male10 11.0 km/h
13320Lucy HARRIS54:30.354:26.5Female3WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS11.0 km/h
14327Bruce HENDRIE54:57.254:50.1Male11BANBURY HARRIERS AC10.9 km/h
15356Brian REID56:14.156:06.9Male12 10.7 km/h
16381Sarah Duffy56:32.356:28.4Female4 10.6 km/h
17357Daniel REID57:05.156:59.3Male13 10.5 km/h
18365Alexander SMITH57:10.157:02.2Male14 10.5 km/h
19377Denise WITCHALLS57:15.557:04.5Female5 10.5 km/h
20382Pete Flemming57:17.857:06.1Male15 10.5 km/h
21308Adrian BUNCE57:34.657:28.3Male16KIDLINGTON RUNNING CLUB10.4 km/h
22336Paul LAMBERT58:35.358:28.2Male17HOOK NORTON HARRIERS 10.2 km/h
23362Doug SCOTT59:07.559:01.2Male18BANBURY HARRIERS AC10.1 km/h
24371Jonathan THOMAS59:21.359:14.2Male19 10.1 km/h
25379Steven WRIGHT1:00:21.81:00:13.9Male20  9.9 km/h
26351Simon PARKER1:00:35.51:00:24.8Male21  9.9 km/h
27352Alexander PRICE1:00:41.01:00:38.8Male22CHERWELL RUNNERS & JOGGERS 9.9 km/h
28322David HARTWELL1:00:52.61:00:47.8Male23  9.9 km/h
29313Clair DRAGE1:02:07.51:02:02.7Female6ST ALBANS STRIDERS 9.7 km/h
30337Heidi LANCASTER1:02:32.61:02:25.4Female7KIDLINGTON RUNNING CLUB 9.6 km/h
31359Amy RUSSEL1:02:57.21:02:50.0Female8BANBURY HARRIERS AC 9.5 km/h
32375Craig WEBB1:03:36.61:03:33.1Male24  9.4 km/h
33312Robyn DOYLE1:04:14.11:04:09.2Female9  9.3 km/h
34378David WOOD1:04:47.11:04:37.0Male25  9.3 km/h
35330Simon HOOK1:05:16.61:05:06.5Male26  9.2 km/h
36383Tony PETRUSO1:05:48.11:05:40.1Male27  9.1 km/h
37340Sue LENIHAN1:06:19.31:06:15.3Female10  9.0 km/h
38384Richard Jeyes1:06:32.51:06:20.1Male28  9.0 km/h
39392Ian Pearson1:06:42.91:06:34.8Male29BANBURY HARRIERS AC 9.0 km/h
40372Lottie THURLOW 1:07:07.51:07:01.8Female11ALCHESTER RUNNING CLUB 8.9 km/h
41307Matthew BROCK1:07:07.81:06:55.0Male30  8.9 km/h
42363Michael SEARCH1:07:38.21:07:26.9Male31KIDLINGTON RUNNING CLUB 8.9 km/h
43315Claire DUMBRECK1:07:43.71:07:35.6Female12  8.9 km/h
44388Victoria Wetherell1:08:32.21:08:23.9Female13  8.8 km/h
45305David BENNETT1:09:06.51:08:57.9Male32  8.7 km/h
46376Jonathan WILLIAMS1:09:47.51:09:36.2Male33  8.6 km/h
47329Graham HOLLOWELL1:10:02.91:09:57.1Male34WOOTTON ROAD RUNNERS 8.6 km/h
48339Judith LE GOOD1:11:22.21:11:11.9Female14WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS 8.4 km/h
49317Alistair FREEMAN1:12:45.71:12:39.8Male35  8.2 km/h
50390James Varney1:13:16.21:13:04.0Male36  8.2 km/h
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