ABP Southampton Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k
5 May 2019

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PosBib NoNameGun TimeChip TimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosClubPace
111173Thomas JACOBS5:15.75:15.710-11 years1Male1 11.4 m/hr
211066Sophie LANE5:30.55:30.110-11 years1Female1SOUTHAMPTON AC 10.9 m/hr
311188Art MITCHELL5:54.75:54.78-9 years1Male2 10.1 m/hr
411604Mariah Marshall6:11.86:11.410-11 years2Female2NEW FOREST RUNNERS 9.7 m/hr
511170Izzy HASTIE6:12.76:11.910-11 years3Female3 9.7 m/hr
611605Nicholas Marshall6:12.86:12.814 years plus1Male3LITTLEDOWN HARRIERS 9.7 m/hr
711075Neve COUSINS6:14.46:13.810-11 years4Female4CITY OF SALISBURY ATHLETICS AND RUNNING CLUB 9.6 m/hr
811222Sky BEDWELL6:24.96:23.712-13 years 1Female5 9.4 m/hr
911026Jasmine BELL6:25.16:25.112-13 years 2Female6 9.3 m/hr
1011056Wisdom OMOLAYO6:41.96:40.112-13 years 1Male4 9.0 m/hr
1111404Perez OMOLAYO6:46.56:44.014 years plus2Male5 8.9 m/hr
1211240Oscar ENGLAND6:47.26:47.28-9 years2Male6 8.8 m/hr
1311085Dylan LE FEUVRE6:47.66:46.710-11 years2Male7 8.8 m/hr
1411187Viktor MAZIK6:47.86:46.910-11 years3Male8 8.8 m/hr
1511432Alfie ROBBINS6:48.06:47.48-9 years3Male9 8.8 m/hr
1611067Mollie MAHER6:49.06:45.110-11 years5Female7GOSPORT YOUNG RUNNERS 8.8 m/hr
1711031Olivia COLE6:49.16:46.112-13 years 3Female8 8.8 m/hr
1811134Alex WADE7:01.97:01.0Under 8s1Male10 8.5 m/hr
1911133Mitch WADE7:02.47:01.014 years plus3Male11 8.5 m/hr
2011183Lena KUTNIK7:04.87:03.210-11 years6Female9 8.5 m/hr
2111171Sophie JACOBS7:05.07:04.08-9 years1Female10 8.5 m/hr
2211457Annika VAN LEEUWEN7:05.07:04.410-11 years7Female11 8.5 m/hr
2311041Igor LESZCZUK7:14.67:13.812-13 years 2Male12 8.3 m/hr
2411314Jack BRACHER7:15.47:12.98-9 years4Male13 8.3 m/hr
2511312Alex BRACHER7:15.57:13.114 years plus4Male14 8.3 m/hr
2611306Katerine BORVIN7:25.47:23.98-9 years2Female12 8.1 m/hr
2711387Nicholas MCINNES7:27.27:26.510-11 years4Male15 8.1 m/hr
2811307George BOWERS7:30.67:26.010-11 years5Male16 8.0 m/hr
2911147Robert MINNS7:34.37:11.310-11 years6Male17 7.9 m/hr
3011124Dylan LANDICK7:38.67:17.410-11 years7Male18 7.8 m/hr
3111353Phoenix HAWLICZEK7:41.57:40.08-9 years5Male19 7.8 m/hr
3211116Edward ILES7:41.67:39.38-9 years6Male20 7.8 m/hr
3311308Grace BOWERS7:44.37:42.08-9 years3Female13 7.8 m/hr
3411305Borys BORVIN7:45.17:42.414 years plus5Male21 7.7 m/hr
3511326Antonio DANCIU7:45.57:30.18-9 years7Male22 7.7 m/hr
3611381James MACKINNON-SMITH7:47.57:30.08-9 years8Male23 7.7 m/hr
3711386Tayah MATIBONA7:48.27:36.58-9 years4Female14 7.7 m/hr
3811080William GRAHAM7:49.17:47.9Under 8s2Male24 7.7 m/hr
3911079Darran SQUIBB7:49.57:47.814 years plus6Male25 7.7 m/hr
4011442George STILL7:53.67:51.5Under 8s3Male26 7.6 m/hr
4111030Francesca COLE7:57.87:55.110-11 years8Female15 7.5 m/hr
4211110Theodore SCOTT-MUNDEN7:58.57:57.98-9 years9Male27 7.5 m/hr
4311480Edie DAVIS7:58.77:55.710-11 years9Female16 7.5 m/hr
4411481Sarah DAVIS7:58.97:55.914 years plus1Female17LORDSHILL ROAD RUNNERS 7.5 m/hr
4511097Annabelle SMITH8:03.07:59.28-9 years5Female18 7.5 m/hr
4611257Megan JACKSON8:03.17:58.98-9 years6Female19 7.5 m/hr
4711355Svetlana HEMSLEY8:03.68:00.514 years plus2Female20 7.4 m/hr
4811081Bella GRAHAM8:04.38:02.2Under 8s1Female21 7.4 m/hr
4911078Rebecca STEPHENSON8:04.78:03.014 years plus3Female22 7.4 m/hr
5011303Daniel BONAER8:06.67:59.08-9 years10Male28 7.4 m/hr
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