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16 Dec 2018
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1450Joe WADE34:23.134:22.0Top 31Male1HOKA ONE ONE 17.4 km/h
2439James TUTTLE34:26.634:26.0Top 32Male2MARSHALL MILTON KEYNES AC 17.4 km/h
399Thomas CUTHBERTSON34:48.134:47.2Top 33Male3MARSHALL MILTON KEYNES AC 17.2 km/h
4454Barnaby WALKER35:46.035:45.7Under 401Male4HIGHGATE HARRIERS 16.8 km/h
5389Rob SHERWOOD36:17.836:16.5Under 402Male5  16.5 km/h
6466Michael WEEKS36:29.436:28.9Under 403Male6  16.4 km/h
7396Alex SMEE36:39.536:22.1Under 404Male7  16.4 km/h
8168Ian GOSLING37:44.537:43.240-491Male8BRACKNELL FOREST RUNNERS 15.9 km/h
9284Laurence MILES37:45.737:40.440-492Male9MAIDENHEAD AC 15.9 km/h
10314Peter OSBORNE37:53.437:52.9Under 405Male10TRI2O 15.8 km/h
11216Errol HUTCHINGS38:15.938:14.8Under 406Male11  15.7 km/h
12264Adam MACEY38:32.538:31.6Under 407Male12  15.6 km/h
13294Andy MORGAN39:07.639:07.340-493Male13READING ROADRUNNERS 15.3 km/h
14205Scott HOSKINS39:09.039:07.840-494Male14  15.3 km/h
15483Marcus WILKINSON39:18.939:15.4Under 408Male15  15.3 km/h
16259David LODGE39:46.039:46.050-591Male16FARNHAM TRI 15.1 km/h
17159Thomas GARRETT39:58.439:57.7Under 409Male17DAVID LLOYD SOUTHAMPTON 15.0 km/h
18332Paul PERRATT40:10.040:08.440-495Male18  14.9 km/h
19341Lee PROUT40:11.740:09.6Under 4010Male19  14.9 km/h
20447Paul VIVIAN40:36.140:32.3Under 4011Male20  14.8 km/h
21502Owain ZERILLI40:40.140:38.1Under 4012Male21  14.8 km/h
22408Sean STEWART40:50.340:49.450-592Male22TRI2O 14.7 km/h
2377Harriet CHETTLEBURGH41:02.241:00.9Top 31Female1TRI2O 14.6 km/h
2490Merle COWL41:11.940:59.7Top 32Female2  14.6 km/h
25117Jessica DOWNS41:12.041:11.1Top 33Female3  14.6 km/h
26100Mark DAVIDSON41:25.241:22.840-496Male23  14.5 km/h
27407Luke STEVENSON41:44.741:43.6Under 4013Male24  14.4 km/h
28318Stephen PATE42:04.642:02.140-497Male25  14.3 km/h
29336Keith PHILLIPS42:15.042:12.9Under 4014Male26BRACKNELL FOREST RUNNERS 14.2 km/h
301Paul ABERSON42:24.342:14.5Under 4015Male27EVO TRI CLUB 14.1 km/h
31433Will TOWNLEY42:28.542:15.0Under 4016Male28  14.1 km/h
32462Lee WEBB42:31.942:28.840-498Male29BRAMLEY TRAIL RUNNERS 14.1 km/h
33275Eoin MCLEOD42:32.342:26.840-499Male30  14.1 km/h
34330Matthew PERKS42:33.842:32.640-4910Male31  14.1 km/h
35127Kel ELLIOTT42:49.142:46.140-4911Male32SANDHURST TRI 14.0 km/h
36114Edward DODWELL42:52.942:52.160+1Male33READING ROADRUNNERS 14.0 km/h
37321Joshua PATON-SMITH43:08.843:00.9Under 4017Male34  13.9 km/h
38384Sam SCOTT43:09.243:05.240-491Female4HART ROAD RUNNERS 13.9 km/h
3936James BISHOP43:14.543:14.0Under 4018Male35  13.9 km/h
40436Gemma TREAGUS43:20.243:14.7Under 401Female5  13.8 km/h
41312Nick ONSLOW43:24.043:21.040-4912Male36BRAMLEY TRAIL RUNNERS 13.8 km/h
42495Aaron WRAY43:35.843:21.7Under 4019Male37  13.8 km/h
43204Andrew HOLMES43:44.643:24.5Under 4020Male38BERKSHIRE TRAIL RUNNERS 13.7 km/h
44209Harry HOWELL43:49.743:47.6Under 4021Male39THAMES VALLEY TRIATHLETES 13.7 km/h
45457Justine WARD43:52.743:35.040-492Female6  13.7 km/h
46167Nik GOLDING43:55.943:49.240-4913Male40NEWBURY RUNNERS 13.7 km/h
47364Janine ROBERTS44:01.743:57.240-493Female7HART ROAD RUNNERS 13.6 km/h
48203Oliver HOLMAN44:08.944:06.9Under 4022Male41THAMES VALLEY TRIATHLETES 13.6 km/h
49231Russell JONES44:18.043:59.440-4914Male42  13.5 km/h
5038Ben BLOSSE44:20.643:47.2Under 4023Male43  13.5 km/h
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