Flying Monk Malmesbury 10k
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26 Aug 2018
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1831Andy ABBOTT58:14.657:49.6Sen57Male127 1010.3 km/h
1842Gemma ABBOTT58:14.957:50.5Sen24Female57 1010.3 km/h
2163Simon ALDRIDGE1:03:14.71:02:41.9Vet 5031Male143 10 9.5 km/h
874Peter ALLEN49:23.749:07.9Vet 602Male73CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB1012.1 km/h
1905Anton ANDERSEN59:15.659:03.6Vet 5027Male131 1010.1 km/h
816Sophie ANDREWS48:51.648:51.6Sen7Female13PD FITNESS1012.3 km/h
1517Ryan ARCHER55:39.655:26.1Sen52Male113 1010.8 km/h
158James ATWILL40:51.640:47.2Sen8Male15PD FITNESS1014.7 km/h
1659Rachel AVENT56:34.556:13.3Vet 4014Female46 1010.6 km/h
25210Sue AVENT1:11:10.91:10:34.3Vet 606Female101PD FITNESS10 8.4 km/h
19611Kate BALL59:50.459:27.5Sen26Female62 1010.0 km/h
23412Robert BARBOUR1:07:04.61:06:25.8Vet 4031Male150 10 8.9 km/h
22113Julia BARTLETT 1:04:15.21:03:37.5Sen32Female76 10 9.3 km/h
22414Kate BARTRAM1:04:46.41:04:09.9Vet 4022Female78RUNNING SOMEWHERE ELSE10 9.3 km/h
17715Stephen BELL57:38.057:19.0Vet 5023Male124 1010.4 km/h
10617Sarah BENNET 51:44.351:35.9Vet 403Female20PD FITNESS1011.6 km/h
26219Karen BENNETT1:11:55.61:11:16.3Vet 4033Female108 10 8.3 km/h
13820Helen BERRY54:10.753:34.3Sen14Female33RUNNING SOMEWHERE ELSE1011.1 km/h
21421Catherine BEWLEY1:03:11.01:02:54.9Vet 4020Female72 10 9.5 km/h
10723Richard BIGGS51:45.951:20.9Vet 5015Male87CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB1011.6 km/h
1824Gareth BIRD41:42.041:41.3Sen10Male18DEVIZES RUNNING CLUB1014.4 km/h
17825Wendy BIRD57:45.557:19.1Vet 5010Female54DEVIZES RUNNING CLUB1010.4 km/h
8826Jeffrey BISSETT49:24.849:17.0Vet 5013Male74 1012.1 km/h
927Tony BLACKBURN39:37.439:36.7Vet 401Male9 1015.1 km/h
7428Robert BLACKMORE47:40.547:38.8Sen39Male63 1012.6 km/h
24929Adam BLIGHT1:09:19.31:08:53.4Sen61Male151 10 8.7 km/h
26430Andy BOOTH1:12:47.11:12:06.7Vet 6016Male155ROAD RUNNERS CLUB10 8.2 km/h
14331Julie BOYNES54:35.554:25.6Vet 4011Female36HOGWEED TROTTERS1011.0 km/h
23332Lisa BRACEY1:07:04.31:06:25.2Vet 4025Female84 10 8.9 km/h
21733Mark BREDDY1:03:28.01:02:57.6Sen60Male144 10 9.5 km/h
7034Anna BRITTON47:21.847:19.1Sen6Female11EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB1012.7 km/h
16735Hayley BROCK56:43.556:24.0Vet 507Female47 1010.6 km/h
20936Katharine BURRETT1:02:40.31:02:07.5Vet 4019Female70CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB10 9.6 km/h
28137Dougal CAMPBELL1:16:46.61:16:02.6Vet 5035Male159 10 7.8 km/h
16038Gemma CANNING56:06.055:47.7Sen19Female42 1010.7 km/h
25439Gary CHAPMAN1:11:23.01:10:52.9Vet 4032Male152 10 8.4 km/h
14642Lorna CLIFFORD55:07.054:55.2Vet 4012Female37 1010.9 km/h
22746Kathryn COLLET1:05:34.51:05:03.8Sen34Female80PD FITNESS10 9.1 km/h
22848Kirsty CONSTABLE1:05:38.31:05:08.1Sen35Female81 10 9.1 km/h
26951Lisa COUSINS1:13:28.71:12:48.1Vet 4035Female113 10 8.2 km/h
23252Chris COX1:06:28.81:06:00.5Vet 4030Male149 10 9.0 km/h
28553Samantha COX1:27:34.91:26:49.6Vet 4037Female125 10 6.9 km/h
26655Richard CRITCHLEY1:13:20.51:12:43.4Sen62Male156 10 8.2 km/h
19956Sonia CROSS1:01:00.01:00:36.3Vet 5012Female64HOGWEED TROTTERS10 9.8 km/h
12957Stephen CUTHBERT53:24.253:13.9Vet 4025Male99CALNE RUNNING CLUB1011.2 km/h
13158Philip DANIELS53:28.453:19.0Vet 5018Male101 1011.2 km/h
15959Siobhan DANIELS56:04.855:55.4Sen18Female41CALNE RUNNING CLUB1010.7 km/h
5661Sara DAVIS 46:15.646:10.8Sen4Female9PD FITNESS1013.0 km/h
28262Lou DAWSON1:18:02.21:17:17.3Sen51Female123TETBURY DOLPHINS RUNNING CLUB10 7.7 km/h
1263Andrew Dell40:33.540:30.4Vet 402Male12ROYAL NAVY TRIATHLON1014.8 km/h
Page 1 of 6 (289 items)

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