Lezyne Battle in the Dark
14 Apr 2018

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PosBib NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosSecond CatSecond Cat PosGenderGen PosDistPace
20581George MARSHALL21:57.9Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)1Male1911 30.0 km/h
11555Kym HARVEY27:40.2Grand Veteran Female (50-59)1Female811 23.9 km/h
874Tim DAVIES20:51.0Grand Veteran Male (50-59)1Male811 31.7 km/h
1559Terry FREMINEUR21:42.2Open Female (16+)1Female111 30.4 km/h
3800Michael SMITH20:17.7Open Male (16+)1Male311 32.5 km/h
3448Andy FIRMAN22:59.9Super Veteran Male (60-69)1Male3311 28.7 km/h
195276Gordon DAVIES39:32.2Supreme Veteran Male (70+)1Fatbike19Male16811 16.7 km/h
4243Verity APPLEYARD23:24.0Veteran Female (40-49)1Female311 28.2 km/h
140Crispin DOYLE19:53.2Veteran Male (40-49)1Male111 33.2 km/h
284Alexander FORRESTER19:54.5Veteran Male (40-49)2Male211 33.2 km/h
104550John LINDEN26:50.5Super Veteran Male (60-69)2Male9811 24.6 km/h
70652Emma OSENTON25:07.3Veteran Female (40-49)2Female511 26.3 km/h
4146Katie SCOTT23:23.5Open Female (16+)2Female211 28.2 km/h
516Josh IBBETT20:32.2Open Male (16+)2Male511 32.1 km/h
1399Malcolm TOOP-ROSE21:38.6Grand Veteran Male (50-59)2Male1311 30.5 km/h
140117Alison BAGNALL29:06.6Grand Veteran Female (50-59)2Female1511 22.7 km/h
35597Sam MCGHEE23:02.3Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)2Male3411 28.6 km/h
50380Jamie GOSTICK23:32.3Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)3Male4611 28.0 km/h
144861Anne USHER29:25.0Grand Veteran Female (50-59)3Female1711 22.4 km/h
40320Lee EDMONDS23:22.5Grand Veteran Male (50-59)3Male3911 28.2 km/h
723Tom HALHEAD20:41.8Open Male (16+)3Male711 31.9 km/h
4471Melanie ALEXANDER23:25.4Open Female (16+)3Female411 28.2 km/h
121141Kirsty BISHOP28:00.2Veteran Female (40-49)3Female1011 23.6 km/h
437Chris THOMPSON20:19.8Veteran Male (40-49)3Male411 32.5 km/h
615Mark SPRATT20:35.2Veteran Male (40-49)4Male611 32.1 km/h
125819Anna STICKLAND28:18.3Veteran Female (40-49)4Fatbike1Female1111 23.3 km/h
47855Paul TURNER23:28.0Grand Veteran Male (50-59)4Male4311 28.1 km/h
932Sophie HALHEAD26:04.6Open Female (16+)4Female611 25.3 km/h
10147David BONE21:11.5Open Male (16+)4Male1011 31.1 km/h
68876Max WALLING25:05.7Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)4Male6411 26.3 km/h
157418Tracey HASELDINE31:00.8Grand Veteran Female (50-59)4Female1911 21.3 km/h
182691Freddie PLATT34:05.7Grand Veteran Female (50-59)5Female2611 19.4 km/h
87853Aled TROTT25:43.9Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)5Male8211 25.6 km/h
55675James PEACEY24:06.7Grand Veteran Male (50-59)5Male5111 27.4 km/h
113672Karen PAUWELYN27:29.8Open Female (16+)5Female711 24.0 km/h
11226Kenny CLIFFE21:14.0Open Male (16+)5Male1111 31.1 km/h
126711Karen PRICE28:19.4Veteran Female (40-49)5Female1211 23.3 km/h
9119Srdjan BAKOVIC21:05.4Veteran Male (40-49)5Male911 31.3 km/h
143136Christine BERTRAM29:18.2Veteran Female (40-49)6Female1611 22.5 km/h
121002Reinout DE MEY21:19.2Open Male (16+)6Male1211 31.0 km/h
118275Gill DAVIES27:51.7Open Female (16+)6Female911 23.7 km/h
57202Kevin CARTER24:24.6Grand Veteran Male (50-59)6Male5311 27.0 km/h
22424Robert HAWORTH22:04.3Veteran Male (40-49)6Fatbike1Male2111 29.9 km/h
23548Richard LILLY22:08.7Veteran Male (40-49)7Male2211 29.8 km/h
132956Louise FOLEY28:38.3Open Female (16+)7Female1311 23.0 km/h
60154Steve BOTTOMLEY24:38.8Grand Veteran Male (50-59)7Male5611 26.8 km/h
151404Beckie HAMILTON30:11.9Veteran Female (40-49)7Female1811 21.9 km/h
14600Chris MCNAUGHTON21:39.5Open Male (16+)7Male1411 30.5 km/h
159919Claire WILLIAMS31:40.5Veteran Female (40-49)8Fatbike2Female2011 20.8 km/h
26114Simon ASKHAM22:28.5Veteran Male (40-49)8Male2511 29.4 km/h
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