Lezyne Battle in the Dark
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14 Apr 2018
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140Crispin DOYLE19:53.2Veteran Male (40-49)1  Male11133.2 km/h
284Alexander FORRESTER19:54.5Veteran Male (40-49)2  Male21133.2 km/h
3800Michael SMITH20:17.7Open Male (16+)1  Male31132.5 km/h
437Chris THOMPSON20:19.8Veteran Male (40-49)3  Male41132.5 km/h
516Josh IBBETT20:32.2Open Male (16+)2  Male51132.1 km/h
615Mark SPRATT20:35.2Veteran Male (40-49)4  Male61132.1 km/h
723Tom HALHEAD20:41.8Open Male (16+)3  Male71131.9 km/h
874Tim DAVIES20:51.0Grand Veteran Male (50-59)1  Male81131.7 km/h
9119Srdjan BAKOVIC21:05.4Veteran Male (40-49)5  Male91131.3 km/h
10147David BONE21:11.5Open Male (16+)4  Male101131.1 km/h
11226Kenny CLIFFE21:14.0Open Male (16+)5  Male111131.1 km/h
121002Reinout DE MEY21:19.2Open Male (16+)6  Male121131.0 km/h
1399Malcolm TOOP-ROSE21:38.6Grand Veteran Male (50-59)2  Male131130.5 km/h
14600Chris MCNAUGHTON21:39.5Open Male (16+)7  Male141130.5 km/h
1559Terry FREMINEUR21:42.2Open Female (16+)1  Female11130.4 km/h
1653Sam RYLAND21:44.1Open Male (16+)8  Male151130.4 km/h
17674Tom PAYTON21:45.2Open Male (16+)9  Male161130.3 km/h
1834David POWELL21:47.8Open Male (16+)10  Male171130.3 km/h
1994Jonathan DENNIS21:50.8Open Male (16+)11  Male181130.2 km/h
20581George MARSHALL21:57.9Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)1  Male191130.0 km/h
21549Jared LINDEN21:59.8Open Male (16+)12  Male201130.0 km/h
22424Robert HAWORTH22:04.3Veteran Male (40-49)6Fatbike1Male211129.9 km/h
23548Richard LILLY22:08.7Veteran Male (40-49)7  Male221129.8 km/h
24803Adam SNOW22:10.2Open Male (16+)13  Male231129.8 km/h
25630James MURPHY22:15.9Open Male (16+)14  Male241129.6 km/h
26114Simon ASKHAM22:28.5Veteran Male (40-49)8  Male251129.4 km/h
27446Dan HOLLEY22:40.9Open Male (16+)15  Male261129.1 km/h
2830Christian HUMPHREY22:44.8Open Male (16+)16  Male271129.0 km/h
29574Andrew MALE22:45.8Veteran Male (40-49)9  Male281129.0 km/h
30813Phil STANLEY22:49.1Open Male (16+)17  Male291128.9 km/h
31231Dan CONNALL22:51.2Veteran Male (40-49)10  Male301128.9 km/h
32804Simon SNOWDEN22:55.0Veteran Male (40-49)11  Male311128.8 km/h
33122Tom BALMER22:58.3Open Male (16+)18  Male321128.7 km/h
3448Andy FIRMAN22:59.9Super Veteran Male (60-69)1  Male331128.7 km/h
35597Sam MCGHEE23:02.3Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)2  Male341128.6 km/h
36478Will JENKINS23:03.1Veteran Male (40-49)12  Male351128.6 km/h
37582Ian MARSHALL23:05.1Veteran Male (40-49)13  Male361128.6 km/h
38948Ben YARNOLD23:14.5Open Male (16+)19Singlespeed1Male371128.4 km/h
39199Andrew CARPENTER23:17.6Veteran Male (40-49)14  Male381128.3 km/h
40320Lee EDMONDS23:22.5Grand Veteran Male (50-59)3  Male391128.2 km/h
4146Katie SCOTT23:23.5Open Female (16+)2  Female21128.2 km/h
4243Verity APPLEYARD23:24.0Veteran Female (40-49)1  Female31128.2 km/h
43394Glyndwr GRIFFITHS23:25.0Veteran Male (40-49)15  Male401128.2 km/h
4471Melanie ALEXANDER23:25.4Open Female (16+)3  Female41128.2 km/h
45256Pete CRAWFORTH23:25.9Open Male (16+)20  Male411128.2 km/h
46823Kevin STRONACH23:27.0Veteran Male (40-49)16  Male421128.1 km/h
47855Paul TURNER23:28.0Grand Veteran Male (50-59)4  Male431128.1 km/h
48292Mathieu DAVY23:28.4Open Male (16+)21  Male441128.1 km/h
49324Dominic EGGBEER23:31.7Open Male (16+)22  Male451128.1 km/h
50380Jamie GOSTICK23:32.3Fun Male (2 laps - ages 14+)3  Male461128.0 km/h
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