Muddy Welly 2016
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18 Dec 2016
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1512Sam HART16:50.716:50.6Under 401Male1TEAM KENNET 17.8 km/h
2554Adam ROTH17:59.417:58.1Under 402Male2  16.7 km/h
3465Joseph MOTT19:24.419:23.9Under 403Male3READING AC 15.5 km/h
4599Hayden NETHERWOOD-MEEK20:50.820:44.1Under 404Male4COX GREEN SCHOOL 14.4 km/h
5469Lee DAVIES21:24.621:23.5Under 405Male5  14.0 km/h
6533Matt HART21:58.721:50.540-491Male6  13.6 km/h
7591Lucy HALL22:03.522:02.4Under 401Female1BRACKNELL AC 13.6 km/h
8553Ashley RAILEY22:38.122:34.1Under 402Female2  13.3 km/h
9455Helen POOL22:52.622:43.740-491Female3READING ROAD RUNNERS 13.1 km/h
10495Ken ADAMS22:59.522:56.560+1Male7  13.0 km/h
11501Harvey SMITH23:20.223:13.2Under 406Male8  12.9 km/h
12499Oliver SMITH23:21.323:14.6Under 407Male9  12.8 km/h
13458Nicole RICKETT23:36.723:27.9Under 403Female4  12.7 km/h
14494Samuel GILBERT23:48.323:47.6Under 408Male10  12.6 km/h
15301Freddie TOMLIN23:54.123:42.4Under 409Male11  12.6 km/h
16459Daniel RICKETT24:12.823:52.8Under 4010Male12  12.4 km/h
17594Olivia D'AVERSA24:18.724:10.8Under 404Female5COX GREEN SCHOOL 12.3 km/h
18597Katie CROWHURST24:24.324:16.9Under 405Female6COX GREEN SCHOOL 12.3 km/h
19593Megan PANRUCKER25:45.125:36.9Under 406Female7COX GREEN SCHOOL 11.6 km/h
20479Clive SCAMMELL25:46.425:17.850-591Male13WIMBLEDON WINDMILERS 11.6 km/h
21595Joshua POPE25:47.225:39.9Under 4011Male14COX GREEN SCHOOL 11.6 km/h
22596Robert RIVETT26:00.425:51.3Under 4012Male15COX GREEN SCHOOL 11.5 km/h
23534Charlie HART26:37.826:15.0Under 4013Male16  11.3 km/h
24344Jemima WALKER26:38.426:26.6Under 407Female8  11.3 km/h
25521Hamish DIBLEY 26:39.526:16.1Under 4014Male17  11.3 km/h
26500Russell SMITH26:49.426:31.450-592Male18  11.2 km/h
27464Callum JOHNSON27:58.527:28.5Under 4015Male19  10.7 km/h
28508Oliver MCCORMICK28:18.828:05.5Under 4016Male20  10.6 km/h
29506Tim MCCORMICK28:19.428:06.540-492Male21  10.6 km/h
30598Lucas SCOTT DE MARCOS28:23.128:15.5Under 4017Male22COX GREEN SCHOOL 10.6 km/h
31589Arthur BOLE28:24.527:56.1Under 4018Male23  10.6 km/h
32590Alex PADBURY28:24.627:56.7Under 4019Male24  10.6 km/h
33565Liz LAMBERT28:26.028:12.450-591Female9  10.6 km/h
34541Orla FREEMAN28:31.828:12.6Under 408Female10  10.5 km/h
35516Gemma STEVENS28:40.628:25.240-492Female11  10.5 km/h
36544Lucy ROBERTSON28:46.528:22.5Under 409Female12  10.4 km/h
37485Susie BAKER29:04.228:33.940-493Female13  10.3 km/h
38518Adam SHAMEEM29:14.729:12.7Under 4020Male25  10.3 km/h
39515Kayti GRAHAM29:16.829:04.5Under 4010Female14  10.2 km/h
40540Kerrie FREEMAN29:19.429:00.3Under 4011Female15  10.2 km/h
41551Sarah KNOWLES 29:25.229:19.950-592Female16  10.2 km/h
42525Adele BROWN29:25.629:25.640-494Female17  10.2 km/h
43575Josh BLOSSE29:28.029:01.2Under 4021Male26  10.2 km/h
44561Ron ROTH29:30.629:19.960+2Male27  10.2 km/h
45546Rachel STOCKDALE29:32.129:25.6Under 4012Female18BRACKNELL FOREST RUNNERS 10.2 km/h
46470Helen CRAVEN29:40.829:18.8Under 4013Female19  10.1 km/h
47505Zoe BROWNE29:41.229:08.940-495Female20  10.1 km/h
48472Christina KILBEE29:55.129:40.1Under 4014Female21  10.0 km/h
49490Keren MILANOVIC30:23.329:45.7Under 4015Female22  9.9 km/h
50493Daniel WOOD30:34.430:09.8Under 4022Male28  9.8 km/h
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