Winchester Half Marathon
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23 Sep 2018
Based on sum of positions, 3 members to count
Team Name
Team Result
No Members
Corporate Challenge1 NHS 863
Corporate Challenge2 ROYAL NAVY 4103
Corporate Challenge3 HAMPSHIRE CONSTABULARY 4563
Corporate Challenge4 HM ARMED FORCES 6593
Corporate Challenge5 NHS 7303
Corporate Challenge6 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON 8003
Corporate Challenge7 HAMPSHIRE FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE 8353
Corporate Challenge8 UNIVERSITY OF WINCHESTER 9213
Corporate Challenge9 ADAM ARCHITECTURE 10013
Corporate Challenge10 NHS 10833
Corporate Challenge11 HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL 11033
Corporate Challenge12 INNOVATE CREATIVE 11113
Corporate Challenge13 BRITISH ARMY 12153
Corporate Challenge14 CARNIVAL UK 13633
Corporate Challenge15 NHS 15493
Corporate Challenge16 NHS 18383
Corporate Challenge17 ADAM ARCHITECTURE 18563
Corporate Challenge18 NATS 20583
Corporate Challenge19 HSBC 21653
Corporate Challenge20 NHS 22223
Corporate Challenge21 HM ARMED FORCES 24783
Corporate Challenge22 NHS 26023
Corporate Challenge23 HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL 26623
Corporate Challenge24 NHS 29163
Corporate Challenge25 NETWORK RAIL 29213
Corporate Challenge26 ADAM ARCHITECTURE 29783
Corporate Challenge27 UNIVERSITY OF WINCHESTER 34633

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