The Pulsin Westonbirt Triathlon
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28 May 2018
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Team Result
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Westonbirt Challenge1 CHIPPENHAM TRI 03:25:333
Westonbirt Challenge2 DRC TRI 03:33:583
Westonbirt Challenge3 FLYING MONK TRIATHLON CLUB 03:38:283
Westonbirt Challenge4 BATH AMPHIBIANS 03:42:263
Westonbirt Challenge5 STROUD & DISTRICT AC 03:43:173
Westonbirt Challenge6 CHIPPENHAM TRI 03:44:533
Westonbirt Challenge7 CHELTENHAM TRI CLUB 03:47:133
Westonbirt Challenge8 CALNE SMARTT 03:47:533
Westonbirt Challenge9 BAD TRI 03:52:483
Westonbirt Challenge10 THE TRIATHLON SHOP RACE TEAM 03:54:223
Westonbirt Challenge11 DRC TRI 03:54:373
Westonbirt Challenge12 LOWER WINDRUSH TRAITHLON CLUB 03:55:123
Westonbirt Challenge13 DRC TRI 03:55:553
Westonbirt Challenge14 DRC TRI 03:58:533
Westonbirt Challenge15 DRC TRI 04:02:013
Westonbirt Challenge16 BATH AMPHIBIANS 04:03:063
Westonbirt Challenge17 PAC-TRI 04:03:263
Westonbirt Challenge18 CHIPPENHAM TRI 04:06:293
Westonbirt Challenge19 DRC TRI 04:09:033
Westonbirt Challenge20 CALNE SMARTT 04:15:033
Westonbirt Challenge21 CHIPPENHAM TRI 04:15:103
Westonbirt Challenge22 FLYING MONK TRIATHLON CLUB 04:17:163
Westonbirt Challenge23 BATH AMPHIBIANS 04:17:253
Westonbirt Challenge24 DRC TRI 04:19:183
Westonbirt Challenge25 FOREST OF DEAN AC 04:20:193
Westonbirt Challenge26 CHIPPENHAM TRI 04:24:293
Westonbirt Challenge27 DRC TRI 04:26:453
Westonbirt Challenge28 CHIPPENHAM TRI 04:28:513
Westonbirt Challenge29 PAC-TRI 04:29:263
Westonbirt Challenge30 DRC TRI 04:32:473
Westonbirt Challenge31 CROSSKEYS SILVER SLUGS 04:37:003
Westonbirt Challenge32 BITTON ROAD RUNNERS 04:38:173
Westonbirt Challenge33 CHIPPENHAM TRI 04:39:483
Westonbirt Challenge34 DRC TRI 04:40:573
Westonbirt Challenge35 AVON VALLEY TRIATHLETES 04:42:003
Westonbirt Challenge36 CHELTENHAM TRI CLUB 04:49:283
Westonbirt Challenge37 CHIPPENHAM TRI 04:52:363
Westonbirt Challenge38 WESTON AC 04:55:423
Westonbirt Challenge39 DRC TRI 04:55:443
Westonbirt Challenge40 FLYING MONK TRIATHLON CLUB 04:55:563
Westonbirt Challenge41 DRC TRI 04:59:023
Westonbirt Challenge42 DRC TRI 05:06:523
Westonbirt Challenge43 DRC TRI 05:11:223
Westonbirt Challenge44 DRC TRI 05:20:043
Westonbirt Challenge45 CHIPPENHAM TRI 05:22:543
Westonbirt Challenge46 DRC TRI 05:26:373
Westonbirt Challenge47 DRC TRI 05:34:463
Westonbirt Challenge48 AVON VALLEY TRIATHLETES 05:40:443
Westonbirt Challenge49 DRC TRI 05:43:513
Westonbirt Challenge50 DRC TRI 06:01:503
Westonbirt Challenge51 THIS MUM RUNS 06:12:323