Cirencester Park Summer Sizzler 10k
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Cirencester AC Races
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13 Jun 2018
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11106Ryan Outram11:57.311:57.0All Ages1Male1CIRENCESTER AC 15.1 km/h
21104Archie Sheffield12:21.312:21.1All Ages2Male2CIRENCESTER AC 14.6 km/h
31136Kiya Dee12:29.212:29.2All Ages3Female1BOURTON ROADRUNNERS CLUB 14.4 km/h
41098Oakley James12:43.712:43.7All Ages4Male3  14.1 km/h
51110Tom Prosser13:05.013:05.0All Ages5Male4CIRENCESTER AC 13.8 km/h
61133Taya Dee13:06.813:06.8All Ages6Female2BOURTON ROADRUNNERS CLUB 13.7 km/h
71121Sam Alcott13:22.513:22.5All Ages7Male5CIRENCESTER AC 13.5 km/h
81135Kian Dee13:27.613:27.6All Ages8Male6BOURTON ROADRUNNERS CLUB 13.4 km/h
91113Sam Wilson13:28.013:27.8All Ages9Male7COTSWOLD ALLRUNNERS 13.4 km/h
101087Tom Williams13:50.613:49.5All Ages10Male8CIRENCESTER AC 13.0 km/h
111090Khaya Swaine13:52.313:51.3All Ages11Female3CIRENCESTER AC 13.0 km/h
121102Harry Broadley14:05.414:04.9All Ages12Male9CIRENCESTER AC 12.8 km/h
131112Andrew Woods14:07.814:07.0All Ages13Male10CIRENCESTER AC 12.7 km/h
141107Alice Stalberg14:15.014:15.0All Ages14Female4CHELTENHAM AND COUNTY HARRIERS 12.6 km/h
151130Rosie Rayner14:17.714:16.8All Ages15Female5  12.6 km/h
161115Harry Hanson14:23.914:22.7All Ages16Male11CIRENCESTER AC 12.5 km/h
171091Sam Cook14:23.914:23.9All Ages17Male12CIRENCESTER AC 12.5 km/h
181095George MASSER14:31.114:30.4All Ages18Male13CIRENCESTER AC 12.4 km/h
191123Lucy Jeefery14:40.814:40.5All Ages19Female6GLOUCESTER AC 12.3 km/h
201114Annabel Sketchley15:00.114:58.9All Ages20Female7CIRENCESTER AC 12.0 km/h
211096Millie Chudley15:01.615:00.6All Ages21Female8CIRENCESTER AC 12.0 km/h
221129Peter Mortimor15:01.615:00.4All Ages22Male14CIRENCESTER AC 12.0 km/h
231111Oliver Wilson15:08.215:07.8All Ages23Male15  11.9 km/h
241118Isobel Watt15:23.215:22.6All Ages24Female9  11.7 km/h
251124Caitlin Watson15:49.015:48.5All Ages25Female10CIRENCESTER AC 11.4 km/h
261127Zac Howell16:06.216:03.7All Ages26Male16SWINDON HARRIERS  11.2 km/h
271103Eleanor Sheffield16:15.416:14.9All Ages27Female11CIRENCESTER AC 11.1 km/h
281108Ruan BISCOE16:29.816:28.0All Ages28Male17COTSWOLD ALLRUNNERS 10.9 km/h
291094Nadine Russell16:35.516:34.4All Ages29Female12CIRENCESTER AC 10.8 km/h
301131Ruby Hellewell17:01.417:00.4All Ages30Female13CIRENCESTER AC 10.6 km/h
311092Nathan Govier17:09.017:07.3All Ages31Male18CIRENCESTER AC 10.5 km/h
321109Tom Halliwell17:26.217:24.4All Ages32Male19COTSWOLD ALLRUNNERS 10.3 km/h
331126Harlen Howells17:27.617:25.0All Ages33Male20  10.3 km/h
341132Ella Woodcockq17:31.117:29.0All Ages34Female14CIRENCESTER AC 10.3 km/h
351100Georgie Turpie17:33.617:32.0All Ages35Female15CIRENCESTER AC 10.2 km/h
361088Ethan Langfield17:43.717:42.0All Ages36Male21CIRENCESTER AC 10.2 km/h
371097Izzy CHUDLEY17:52.917:52.5All Ages37Female16CIRENCESTER AC 10.1 km/h
381119Katie Alcott18:32.918:32.1All Ages38Female17CIRENCESTER AC  9.7 km/h
391137Sophie Hunter-Osbourne18:34.418:30.7All Ages39Female18   9.7 km/h
401122Toby Wood18:56.218:54.1All Ages40Male22RUNNING SOMEWHERE ELSE  9.5 km/h
411105James Mayneord19:03.519:01.3All Ages41Male23SLINN ALLSTARS  9.4 km/h
421120Bella Alcott19:34.319:33.0All Ages42Female19CIRENCESTER AC  9.2 km/h
431128Bella Howell19:50.419:47.9All Ages43Female20SWINDON HARRIERS   9.1 km/h
441089Benjamin Langfield21:00.220:58.7All Ages44Male24CIRENCESTER AC  8.6 km/h
451093Toby Robinson21:27.621:26.3All Ages45Male25CIRENCESTER AC  8.4 km/h
461099Cameron Laney21:41.921:39.8All Ages46Male26   8.3 km/h
471101Ed Broadley22:11.722:09.1All Ages47Male27SWIM 1ST TRI CLUB  8.1 km/h
481117Isobel Daniels22:27.522:24.3All Ages48Female21   8.0 km/h
491134Rory Brown22:27.522:23.7All Ages49Male28   8.0 km/h
501116Ellena Daniels23:20.923:17.1All Ages50Female22   7.7 km/h
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