Andy Reading 10k
9 Dec 2018

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PosBib NoNameGun TimeChip TimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosClubPace
2Aaron ABULHAWANot startedNot startedMSenMale
5Martin ALLENNot startedNot startedMVet 50MaleHARWELL HARRIERS
35Simon BOLTONNot startedNot startedMVet 50MaleCOMPTON HARRIERS RC
36Jo BONNERNot startedNot startedFVet 45Female
44Graham BRIDGESNot startedNot startedMVet 50MaleEYNSHAM ROAD RUNNERS
52Louise BUSHELLNot startedNot startedFVet 45Female
54Julie BUTLERNot startedNot startedFVet 35FemaleBEARBROOK RUNNING CLUB
62Colin CHEESEMANNot startedNot startedMVet 50Male
63Jamie CHEESEMANNot startedNot startedMSenMale
64Mary CHEESEMANNot startedNot startedFVet 55Female
67Colin CLARKNot startedNot startedMVet 40Male
68Tom CLARKENot startedNot startedMVet 40MaleABINGDON AC
69James CLAYTONNot startedNot startedMSenMaleABINGDON AC
71David COATESNot startedNot startedMVet 60MaleCHERWELL RUNNERS & JOGGERS
73Jonathan COLESNot startedNot startedMSenMale
75Thomas CONEYNot startedNot startedMVet 40MaleABINGDON AC
76Jayne CONNORSNot startedNot startedFVet 35FemaleTHAME RUNNERS
79Jason COOKENot startedNot startedMVet 40MaleWHITE HORSE HARRIERS
80Mel COOPERNot startedNot startedMSenMale
83Raymond COXNot startedNot startedMVet 60MaleTHAME RUNNERS
84Brendan CRADDENNot startedNot startedMVet 70MaleBEARBROOK RUNNING CLUB
85Patricia CRADDENNot startedNot startedFVet 55FemaleBEARBROOK RUNNING CLUB
87Kevin CREMONA-HOWARDNot startedNot startedMSenMaleHEADINGTON RR
88Dyanne CRUICKSHANKNot startedNot startedFSenFemaleHEADINGTON RR
91Serge DAVALNot startedNot startedMVet 50MaleBRACKLEY AND DISTRICT RC
94Ronald DAVIESNot startedNot startedMVet 50MaleDATCHET DASHERS
99Andrew DIBBNot startedNot startedMVet 40Male
100Naomi DIBBNot startedNot startedFemale JuniorFemaleBANBURY HARRIERS AC
114Andy EARNSHAWNot startedNot startedMSenMale
115Samantha EILERTSENNot startedNot startedFSenFemale
116Hollie ELLIOTTNot startedNot startedFSenFemaleCHARNWOOD A C
121Mark EMMETTNot startedNot startedMVet 50MaleTHAME RUNNERS
124Susan FALLONNot startedNot startedFVet 55FemaleTHAME RUNNERS
126Tom FOOTITTNot startedNot startedMSenMaleHOOK NORTON HARRIERS
131Elizabeth FRANKLINNot startedNot startedFVet 55Female
135Elizabeth FROSTNot startedNot startedFVet 45Female
139Dustin GARRICKNot startedNot startedMSenMale
145Steph GITTINSNot startedNot startedFVet 35Female
147James GOODGAMENot startedNot startedMVet 40MaleCLAPHAM CHASERS
153Steve GRAHAMNot startedNot startedMVet 60MaleTHAME RUNNERS
156Robert GRAYNot startedNot startedMVet 40Male
161Victoria GREGORYNot startedNot startedFVet 35FemaleHARWELL HARRIERS
163Emma GRENSIDENot startedNot startedFVet 45FemaleREADING ROADRUNNERS
165Graeme HACKLANDNot startedNot startedMVet 50MaleHOOK NORTON HARRIERS
166Cordelia HALFHEADNot startedNot startedFemale JuniorFemaleABINGDON AC
167Dave HALLNot startedNot startedMVet 40Male
171Henry HAMILTON-GOULDNot startedNot startedMSenMaleNEWMARKET JOGGERS
175Lyndsey HARRISNot startedNot startedFVet 35FemaleTHAME RUNNERS
180Nicolette HAYERSNot startedNot startedFVet 45Female
Page 1 of 3 (113 items)