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16 Dec 2018
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1527James CARSON21:50.621:48.740-491Male1   13.7 km/h
2567Matt HART22:19.222:16.640-492Male2   13.4 km/h
3558Sam GILBERT22:23.622:21.1Under 401Male3   13.4 km/h
4566Charlie HART23:05.623:03.7Under 402Male4   13.0 km/h
5549Matthew FORD23:19.023:12.4Under 403Male5   12.9 km/h
6598Hannah MAW23:21.023:07.6Under 401Female1SANDHURST JOGGERS  12.8 km/h
7548Tania FOAD23:59.223:59.0Under 402Female2BRACKNELL FOREST RUNNERS  12.5 km/h
8309Brian BOWER25:04.324:54.860+1Male6RUNNERS RETREAT  12.0 km/h
9590Hannah LITTEN25:05.225:02.540-491Female3BERKSHIRE TRAIL RUNNERS   12.0 km/h
10577Callum JOHNSON25:16.525:03.8Under 404Male7   11.9 km/h
11504Andrew ALLAN25:26.625:25.3Under 405Male8   11.8 km/h
12536Travis COWL25:27.025:14.2Under 406Male9   11.8 km/h
13643Daniel WOOD25:28.625:22.850-591Male10CROWTHORNE FLYERS  11.8 km/h
14557Iwona GIBAS25:34.025:19.0Under 403Female4   11.7 km/h
15644Richard WOOD25:37.525:30.840-493Male11CROWTHORNE FLYERS  11.7 km/h
16515Sarah BOULDING26:16.626:01.1Under 404Female5   11.4 km/h
17229Steve JOHNSON26:28.426:16.8Under 407Male12   11.3 km/h
18581Ciaran KELLY27:15.526:33.3Under 408Male13   11.0 km/h
19627Rory SCOTT27:16.827:09.5Under 409Male14   11.0 km/h
20609Luke ONSLOW27:30.527:24.4Under 4010Male15WESSEX WYVERN MODERN PENTATHLON  10.9 km/h
21553Kerrie FREEMAN27:34.527:22.5Under 405Female6   10.9 km/h
22620Lucy ROBERTSON28:02.327:53.6Under 406Female7   10.7 km/h
23621Emily ROBERTSON28:16.428:10.6Under 407Female8   10.6 km/h
24542James DRAKE28:44.028:41.2Under 4011Male16   10.4 km/h
25586Freddie LADD28:44.928:26.7Under 4012Male17   10.4 km/h
26631Sophia SMEE28:46.228:28.9Under 408Female9   10.4 km/h
27520Megan BROWN28:49.228:31.8Under 409Female10BRACKNELL ATHLETICS CLUB  10.4 km/h
28575Neil IVE29:15.328:47.040-494Male18HOOK RUNNERS  10.3 km/h
29500Kasia ZAWADZKA29:29.029:20.2Under 4010Female11EVO TRI CLUB  10.2 km/h
30519Philip BROWN29:37.929:20.5Under 4013Male19   10.1 km/h
316Alice ALLAN29:38.628:47.640-492Female12   10.1 km/h
32604Lily MOORE29:49.929:36.1Under 4011Female13BASINGSTOKE & MID HANTS ATHLETICS CLUB  10.1 km/h
33606Martha MOORE29:56.329:42.6Under 4012Female14BASINGSTOKE & MID HANTS ATHLETICS CLUB  10.0 km/h
34603Brian MOORE29:58.829:44.740-495Male20   10.0 km/h
35616Mimi REED30:10.930:00.250-591Female15   9.9 km/h
36619Tim ROBERTSON30:14.330:04.040-496Male21   9.9 km/h
37565Marina HAMMOND30:16.429:30.5Under 4013Female16   9.9 km/h
38593Abigail LLEWELLYN-PRICE30:53.030:26.9Under 4014Female17   9.7 km/h
39591Bryn LLEWELLYN-PRICE30:53.730:26.240-497Male22   9.7 km/h
40596Ellie MANN30:57.930:34.9Under 4015Female18   9.7 km/h
41531Joanne COLBY31:01.630:56.840-493Female19   9.7 km/h
42584Sarah KNOWLES31:07.430:51.850-592Female20   9.6 km/h
43563Susan GRIFFITH31:22.931:07.060+1Female21   9.6 km/h
44595Jess MANN31:29.831:07.1Under 4016Female22   9.5 km/h
45543Sharon DYER31:42.130:48.850-593Female23   9.5 km/h
46551Ellen FREEMAN32:04.931:50.940-494Female24   9.4 km/h
47594Carly MACEY32:07.431:43.8Under 4017Female25   9.3 km/h
48505John BARNES32:22.631:54.060+2Male23SANDHURST JOGGERS  9.3 km/h
49518Ellen BRADSTOCK32:26.631:45.1Under 4018Female26   9.2 km/h
50191Victoria HASSELL32:30.532:05.940-495Female27ST JOHN'S RUNNING CLUB  9.2 km/h
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