Hursley 10k
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16 Sep 2018
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Gun Time
Chip Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1761Timo THOMAS MACHLEIDT3:28.83:28.8Key Stage 11Male1
2722Daniel INSTONE3:30.53:28.9Key Stage 12Male2
3757Benjamin STEWART3:40.13:40.1Key Stage 13Male3
4728Theo KOLSTOE3:53.63:53.6Key Stage 14Male4
5721Isabelle HOSKINS4:11.84:11.0Key Stage 11Female1
6715Molly HARRIS4:15.44:13.3Key Stage 12Female2
7725Rohan KERRY4:22.24:21.9Key Stage 15Male5
8752Oskar SANTTI4:23.04:23.0Key Stage 16Male6
9732Nico MICHAEL4:26.64:25.1Key Stage 17Male7
10745Campbell PURDIE4:26.84:25.1Key Stage 18Male8
11701Eva CARTER4:28.14:26.6Key Stage 13Female3
12739Joshua PARKER4:28.34:25.1Key Stage 19Male9
13726Abigail KEYS4:28.84:28.6Key Stage 14Female4
14764Evie WAY4:35.84:35.1Key Stage 15Female5
15741Ella PENNINGTON4:35.84:33.6Key Stage 16Female6
16702Thea CARTER4:40.94:40.5Key Stage 17Female7
17771Lars DALBY4:41.84:38.3Key Stage 110Male10
18773Emma HOWE-DAVIES5:01.95:01.0Key Stage 18Female8
19754Conrad SHAW5:02.15:01.0Key Stage 111Male11
20737Theo NORRIS5:05.75:03.9Key Stage 112Male12
21738Dimitra PAPAGEORGIOU5:07.75:05.9Key Stage 19Female9
22704Jack DAY5:20.75:19.6Key Stage 113Male13
23743Eleanor PRESTIDGE5:24.45:22.9Key Stage 110Female10
24772James RATTRAY5:25.15:25.1Key Stage 114Male14
25763Christian WAGNER5:32.95:29.5Key Stage 115Male15
26749Elijah ROBERTS5:34.05:31.6Key Stage 116Male16
27710Harriet EVANS5:35.65:33.4Key Stage 111Female11
28742Amelie PENNINGTON5:51.35:48.0Key Stage 112Female12
29768Aria WILSON5:59.05:56.4Key Stage 113Female13
30711Oliver EVANS6:25.16:21.7Key Stage 117Male17
31705Alex DAY6:41.96:40.1Key Stage 118Male18
32747Emily RANDALL-COLES6:54.10.0Key Stage 114Female14
33744Jackson PURDIE6:54.90.0Key Stage 119Male19
34731Orion MICHAEL6:55.10.0Key Stage 115Female15
35770Riley WOOD6:56.40.0Key Stage 120Male20
36753Hayden SHAW6:56.50.0Key Stage 121Male21
37735Ryan MULLIGAN6:56.60.0Key Stage 122Male22
38775Benjamin BOYD6:56.90.0Key Stage 123Male23
39751Chaia RUBENSTEIN6:58.90.0Key Stage 116Female16
40719Marcela HERNANDEZ6:59.00.0Key Stage 117Female17
41723Philippos KATSOGIANNIS7:01.60.0Key Stage 124Male24
42774Mila DAMSZ7:03.60.0Key Stage 118Female18
43776Alexander FOUCH7:03.60.0Key Stage 125Male25
44758Rylan THILLAIRUBAN 7:05.40.0Key Stage 126Male26
45718Zara HEMPENSTALL7:05.60.0Key Stage 119Female19
46720Felix HOSKINS7:07.40.0Key Stage 127Male27
47777Sienna ROBERTS 15:23.86:38.5Key Stage 120Female20
48724Charlotte KELLY16:03.47:18.7Key Stage 121Female21
Page 1 of 1 (48 items)