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14 Jul 2018
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1001Nathanial HARRIES2:17:16.7 Under 18MaleCYCLESPECIFIC ELITE TRI 18.4 m/hr2:05:35.451.810:49.3
1002Daniel VERNON3:09:59.0 Under 18MaleKENILWORTH JUNIOR TRIATHLON 13.3 m/hr2:53:56.259.315:03.4
1003Samuel CROUCHLEY3:06:51.0 Under 18MaleKENILWORTH RUNNERS 13.5 m/hr2:52:54.444.813:11.6
1004Lilly O'DELL3:05:30.3 Under 18FemaleCAMBRIDGE TRIATHLON CLUB 13.6 m/hr2:49:48.31:19.414:22.5
1005Joe WALBYOFF3:13:06.1 Under 18Male  13.1 m/hr2:57:10.31:13.314:42.4
1006Billy DOXEY3:32:25.0 Under 18MaleKENILWORTH RUNNERS 11.9 m/hr3:07:35.41:30.123:19.4
1007Rhys GRIFFITHS4:03:45.4 Under 18Male  10.3 m/hr3:46:25.41:08.516:11.4
1008Ellie GOSS3:15:15.2 Under 18FemaleSWANSEA TRI SHARKS 12.9 m/hr2:58:24.71:09.715:40.7
1009Isaac NOWELL2:30:09.6 Under 18MaleSWANSEA TRI SHARKS 16.8 m/hr2:17:12.547.212:09.9
1010Ceirion JONES2:31:25.0 Under 18MaleTRIATHLON COACHING WALES 16.6 m/hr2:18:15.546.312:23.2
1011Joshua WALLACE2:54:35.1 Under 18MaleCELTIC TRI 14.4 m/hr2:40:59.841.212:54.0
1012Joseph REARDON2:31:56.3 Under 18Male  16.6 m/hr2:18:18.057.612:40.6
1013Sophie ARMSTRONG2:40:48.9 Under 18FemaleTRI-SHARKS 15.7 m/hr2:26:42.955.813:10.2
1014Jessica CHADWICK3:46:54.8 Under 18FemaleKINGS TRI 11.1 m/hr3:28:20.11:21.217:13.4
1015Rosie LLEWELLYN3:24:34.7 Under 18FemalePEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY SWIMMING 12.3 m/hr3:07:50.01:11.915:32.8
1016Annecy IANSON-JONES4:20:23.9 Under 18Female   9.7 m/hr3:56:01.71:56.122:26.0
1017George BESSANT3:47:36.4 Under 18MaleEVESHAM VALE TRIATHLETES - JUNIORS 11.1 m/hr3:30:50.51:06.715:39.0
1018Laura BESSANT4:04:53.9 Under 18FemaleEVESHAM VALE TRIATHLETES - JUNIORS 10.3 m/hr3:43:42.02:04.919:06.9
1019Tom HENDERSON2:18:20.5 Under 18MaleSWANSEA TRI SHARKS 18.2 m/hr2:06:59.138.610:42.7
1020Jordan MANN4:19:44.4 Under 18MaleTITAN TRIATHLON CLUB  9.7 m/hr3:59:28.31:28.118:47.9
1021Eve BEVAN4:15:49.9 Under 18Female   9.9 m/hr3:57:24.01:16.717:09.1
1022Tomos JONES3:02:11.3 Under 18MaleTAFF ELY TRIATHLON CLUB 13.8 m/hr2:47:45.851.313:34.0
1024Ben JACKSON3:39:03.9 Under 18Male  11.5 m/hr3:18:19.259.119:45.6
1025Alexander BROWN3:22:41.8 Under 18MaleCARDIFF JUNIOR TRIATHLON 12.4 m/hr3:05:54.11:06.815:40.8
1027Alex LAYZELL2:55:26.1 Under 18MaleTRIATHLON COACHING WALES 14.4 m/hr2:39:10.11:05.915:10.0
1028Ethan LEEDER3:41:06.8 Under 18MaleWARRINGTON TRIATHLON CLUB 11.4 m/hr3:20:59.32:22.117:45.2
1029Rosie MAMMATT3:53:21.7 Under 18FemaleWISEMAN'S BRIDGE ROWING CLUB 10.8 m/hr3:33:06.82:26.417:48.4
1030Lloyd MAMMATT3:05:27.1 Under 18MaleWISEMANS BRIDGE ROWING CLUB 13.6 m/hr2:48:40.71:05.515:40.7
1031Max HOLLAND2:38:15.4 Under 18Male  15.9 m/hr2:24:13.41:03.212:58.7
1032Zoe HOLLAND4:24:12.7 Under 18Female   9.5 m/hr4:00:07.12:18.421:47.2
1033Jarred PAIN3:31:40.3 Under 18Male  11.9 m/hr3:16:44.758.913:56.5
1034Lewis POOLE2:48:24.7 Under 18MaleTENBY ACES 15.0 m/hr2:32:57.61:07.914:19.1
1035Tom STUBBS2:37:51.6 Under 18MaleTENBY ACES 16.0 m/hr2:24:08.757.412:45.4
1036Oliver BEERE2:20:52.3 Under 18MaleSUNSET CYCLES 17.9 m/hr2:07:15.351.812:45.1
1037Sam RODERICK2:48:14.8 Under 18MaleVELO VITESSE ALLCAP 15.0 m/hr2:34:44.851.212:38.7
1038Dominic DAVIES2:50:40.2 Under 18MaleJR WOLF PACK 14.8 m/hr2:37:11.056.012:33.0
1039Lucy DAVIES3:18:00.4 Under 18Female  12.7 m/hr3:00:00.11:10.916:49.2
1040Luke ORUM3:18:19.1 Under 18MaleAIM 2 TRI 12.7 m/hr3:01:55.81:11.715:11.5
1042Sophie DAVIES2:40:22.6 Under 18FemaleTRIATHLON COACHING WALES 15.7 m/hr2:25:52.51:13.913:16.2
1043Ellis BANNER2:35:52.4 Under 18MalePENCOED TRIATHLON CLUB 16.2 m/hr2:20:35.41:08.114:08.8
1044Oscar GERARD3:26:22.5 Under 18MaleBLACKWATER TRIATHLON CLUB 12.2 m/hr3:08:05.150.517:26.8
1045Robin MATTHEWS3:26:25.2 Under 18MaleBLACKWATER JUNIOR TRIATHLON CLUB 12.2 m/hr3:08:12.31:20.016:52.8
1046Zak JENKINS3:09:34.7 Under 18MaleLANGLAND NAY LIFEGUARD CLUB 13.3 m/hr2:53:05.41:23.215:06.0
1047Joshua JONES2:17:57.9 Under 18MaleSWANSEA TRI SHARKS 18.3 m/hr2:05:58.049.711:10.1
1048Osian WILLIAMS2:48:24.5 Under 18MaleTRIATHLON COACHING WALES 15.0 m/hr2:33:10.11:03.114:11.2
1049Matthew COLLINS2:24:44.4 Under 18MaleOOTRI OSWESTRY OLYMPIANS 17.4 m/hr2:12:29.836.811:37.7
1050Lewys KETTLE2:58:30.9 Under 18MalePEMBROKE SWIMMING CLUB 14.1 m/hr2:42:55.81:04.614:30.4
1051Ryan SEMPER2:24:47.7 Under 18MaleTENBY ACES 17.4 m/hr2:12:24.448.711:34.5
1052Ieuan GOLDSWORTHY3:53:19.0 Under 18Male  10.8 m/hr3:34:41.11:05.217:32.6
4551Mark ARNOLD3:47:18.4 Vet 40+Male  11.1 m/hr3:23:30.223:48.2
Page 1 of 5 (227 items)