Ealing Half Marathon
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25 September 2016
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120027William PATERSON DENTON5:58.013-16 Years1Male1TEAM HOUNSLOW10.1 m/hr
210309Maximilian STEEL6:07.210-12 Years1Male2EALING SOUTHALL AND MIDDLESEX AC 9.8 m/hr
320017Tom KERLEY6:10.413-16 Years2Male3EALING EAGLES RUNNING CLUB 9.7 m/hr
410181Otto LAWRENCE6:15.810-12 Years2Male4ESM AC 9.6 m/hr
520025Ellie OSMOND6:18.213-16 Years1Female1SOUTH LONDON HARRIERS 9.5 m/hr
610323Luka TOMASEVIC6:24.910-12 Years3Male5  9.4 m/hr
710371Ritchie GRANT6:25.66-9 Years1Male6HIGHGATE 9.3 m/hr
810304Arun SMITH6:28.310-12 Years4Male7  9.3 m/hr
910354Harvey WILLIAMS6:30.06-9 Years2Male8EALING SOUTHALL AND MIDDLESEX AC 9.2 m/hr
1010329Finlay VADON6:30.26-9 Years3Male9  9.2 m/hr
1110223Jonah MEZEY6:32.710-12 Years5Male10  9.2 m/hr
1220019Dylan LINEHAN6:38.110-12 Years6Male11  9.0 m/hr
1310034Josie BOOKER6:39.810-12 Years1Female2  9.0 m/hr
1420007Zoe CROWN6:43.213-16 Years2Female3  8.9 m/hr
1520033Jagraj SANGHERA6:45.313-16 Years3Male12  8.9 m/hr
1610305Kobi SMITH6:46.710-12 Years7Male13  8.9 m/hr
1710352Joshua WHITELAM6:47.210-12 Years8Male14  8.8 m/hr
1810270Dominic QUINN6:50.410-12 Years9Male15EALING EAGLES RUNNING CLUB 8.8 m/hr
1910301Christian SLATTERY6:50.96-9 Years4Male16  8.8 m/hr
2020008Aidan DIKE-LAWLOR6:51.913-16 Years4Male17  8.7 m/hr
2110303Thomas Peter SLOYAN6:55.16-9 Years5Male18  8.7 m/hr
2220034Andre SAVIC6:58.610-12 Years10Male19  8.6 m/hr
2310271Joseph QUINN7:00.86-9 Years6Male20EALING EAGLES RUNNING CLUB 8.6 m/hr
2410119Charlotte HALPIN7:01.810-12 Years2Female4  8.5 m/hr
2520029Lucie PRIBYL7:02.213-16 Years3Female5  8.5 m/hr
2610222Isaac MEZEY7:04.06-9 Years7Male21  8.5 m/hr
2710330Millie VADON7:07.210-12 Years3Female6  8.4 m/hr
2820014Hugo HARGREAVES 7:07.613-16 Years5Male22  8.4 m/hr
2920030Benjamin RAWSTHORNE7:08.410-12 Years11Male23EALING EAGLES RUNNING CLUB 8.4 m/hr
3010018Thomas BASS7:09.010-12 Years12Male24  8.4 m/hr
3120013Luca GRINCERI7:09.210-12 Years13Male25  8.4 m/hr
3210169Pascale KERLEY7:10.110-12 Years4Female7EALING EAGLES RUNNING CLUB 8.4 m/hr
3310282Cayo RYDER7:10.36-9 Years8Male26  8.4 m/hr
3410067Andrew DA COSTA7:11.810-12 Years14Male27  8.3 m/hr
3510203Evie LOVELL7:12.610-12 Years5Female8  8.3 m/hr
3610213Marta MARTINEZ AMIGO7:12.710-12 Years6Female9  8.3 m/hr
3720036Daniel SPIERS7:13.510-12 Years15Male28HANWELL TOWN FC 8.3 m/hr
3810071Lily DICKSON7:14.410-12 Years7Female10  8.3 m/hr
3910214Ed MASSEY7:14.66-9 Years9Male29  8.3 m/hr
4020024Oscar NEWALL7:15.810-12 Years16Male30  8.3 m/hr
4110335Jeremy VAUCHY7:16.06-9 Years10Male31  8.3 m/hr
4210182Sadie LAWRENCE7:16.710-12 Years8Female11ESM AC 8.2 m/hr
4310158Riley JONES RODWAY7:21.26-9 Years11Male32  8.2 m/hr
4410292Jacob SENNIS7:22.210-12 Years9Female12EALING EAGLES RUNNING CLUB 8.1 m/hr
4510218Jack MCCARTHY7:23.26-9 Years12Male33  8.1 m/hr
4610058Liam COTTRELL7:23.610-12 Years17Male34EALING EAGLES RUNNING CLUB 8.1 m/hr
4710247Sam OSMOND7:24.610-12 Years18Male35  8.1 m/hr
4810204Noah LOVELL7:26.76-9 Years13Male36  8.1 m/hr
4910260Joshua PILGERSTORFER7:26.96-9 Years14Male37  8.1 m/hr
5010357Enzo WOOD7:28.210-12 Years19Male38  8.0 m/hr
Page 1 of 8 (364 items)