ABP Southampton Half Marathon and 10k
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24 April 2016
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Bib No
Finish Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
12Theo ABBT5:46.110-11 years1Male1 Schools Challenge10.4 m/hr
2158Harry HARVEY5:53.710-11 years2Male2HILTINGBURY JUNIORSSchools Challenge10.2 m/hr
3556Haiden WATTS6:11.414 years plus1Male3 Fun Run 9.7 m/hr
4452Ryan WHITE6:17.212-13 years 1Male4 Schools Challenge 9.5 m/hr
5418Issy ROBINSON6:17.912-13 years 1Female1 Schools Challenge 9.5 m/hr
6445Lucy PHILLIPS6:21.18-9 years1Female2 Schools Challenge 9.4 m/hr
783Thomas COATES6:24.110-11 years3Male5PORTSWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOLSchools Challenge 9.4 m/hr
8108Flynn DODKIN6:25.38-9 years1Male6ABBOTSWOODSchools Challenge 9.3 m/hr
9430Elizabeth NORTON6:28.710-11 years1Female3 Schools Challenge 9.3 m/hr
10270Luc PEARCE6:30.812-13 years 2Male7TOYNBEE Schools Challenge 9.2 m/hr
11470Lucy PRESLEY6:33.410-11 years2Female4 Schools Challenge 9.2 m/hr
12248Harry NOONS6:33.810-11 years Fun Run1Male8 Fun Run 9.1 m/hr
13402Michael STEWART6:34.612-13 years 3Male9 Schools Challenge 9.1 m/hr
14375James WINSTANLEY6:35.310-11 years4Male10 Schools Challenge 9.1 m/hr
1518Mamadoo BAH6:36.912-13 Years Fun Run1Female5 Fun Run 9.1 m/hr
16218Jamie KING6:37.410-11 years5Male11CUPERNHAM JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 9.1 m/hr
17173Lucy HODGSON6:41.58-9 years2Female6HILTINGBURY JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 9.0 m/hr
18119Chloe ERRINGTON6:42.212-13 years 2Female7THE GREGG SCHOOLSchools Challenge 8.9 m/hr
19302Mamadoo SCYLLA6:47.814 Years Fun Run1Male12 Fun Run 8.8 m/hr
20462Timmy BRADY6:48.210-11 years6Male13 Schools Challenge 8.8 m/hr
21187Muhammed JALLOW6:50.28-9 years Fun Run1Male14 Fun Run 8.8 m/hr
22431Hannah NORTON6:50.38-9 years3Female8 Schools Challenge 8.8 m/hr
23184Alieu JALLOW6:54.912-13 Years Fun Run1Male15 Fun Run 8.7 m/hr
24312Hannah SHERMAN6:55.212-13 Years Fun Run2Female9 Fun Run 8.7 m/hr
25348Elliott WAGHORN6:56.08-9 years2Male16TOWNHILL JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 8.7 m/hr
26249Justin NOONS6:57.314 Years Fun Run2Male17 Fun Run 8.6 m/hr
27247George NOONS6:57.58-9 years Fun Run2Male18 Fun Run 8.6 m/hr
28219Sam KING6:59.28-9 years3Male19CUPERNHAM JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 8.6 m/hr
29429Maxwell CHERRY7:00.810-11 years7Male20 Schools Challenge 8.6 m/hr
3079Bailey CHURCHER-HARRIS7:01.310-11 years8Male21CURDRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOLSchools Challenge 8.5 m/hr
31442Joshua KINGSLEY-SMITH7:02.410-11 years Fun Run2Male22 Fun Run 8.5 m/hr
32427Abi BELWARD7:06.18-9 years4Female10 Schools Challenge 8.4 m/hr
33508Malachi DOTSE7:06.610-11 years Fun Run3Male23 Fun Run 8.4 m/hr
34476Ashton MURRAY7:08.010-11 years Fun Run4Male24 Fun Run 8.4 m/hr
35403Peter STEWART7:10.810-11 years9Male25 Schools Challenge 8.4 m/hr
3637Findlay BIGNOLD-KYLES7:11.410-11 years10Male26 Schools Challenge 8.3 m/hr
3736Cameron BIGNOLD-KYLES7:15.58-9 years4Male27 Schools Challenge 8.3 m/hr
38141James GERAGHTY7:20.012-13 Years Fun Run2Male28 Fun Run 8.2 m/hr
39400Tom JESSON7:21.012-13 Years Fun Run3Male29 Fun Run 8.2 m/hr
40421Sky BEDWELL7:24.510-11 years3Female11 Schools Challenge 8.1 m/hr
41313Lee SHERMAN7:25.414 Years Fun Run3Male30 Fun Run 8.1 m/hr
42465Pablo TOMBACCINI-MAESTRO7:25.88-9 years5Male31 Schools Challenge 8.1 m/hr
43368Peter WILLIAMS7:26.810-11 years11Male32PORTSWOOD PRIMARYSchools Challenge 8.1 m/hr
44239Eva MCMANUS7:26.910-11 years4Female12SPRINGHILL RC SCHOOLSchools Challenge 8.1 m/hr
45393Fred MCHUGH7:27.410-11 years12Male33 Schools Challenge 8.0 m/hr
46305Marci SEBESTENY7:29.28-9 years6Male34SPRINGHILL CATHOLIC PRIMARYSchools Challenge 8.0 m/hr
4738Annabelle BOCKLE7:29.58-9 years5Female13 Fun Run 8.0 m/hr
48181Milly HULBERT7:30.18-9 years6Female14ABBOTSWOOD JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 8.0 m/hr
49440Madison KINGSLEY-SMITH7:31.08-9 years7Female15 Schools Challenge 8.0 m/hr
50264Niclas OLLEY7:31.08-9 years7Male35SHIRLEY JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 8.0 m/hr
51220Lilia KORRIE7:33.38-9 years8Female16 Schools Challenge 7.9 m/hr
52428Lucas CHERRY7:39.48-9 years8Male36 Schools Challenge 7.8 m/hr
53183Callum JACOB7:45.010-11 years13Male37SPRINGHILL CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.7 m/hr
54563Olivia BURGESS7:45.714 Years Fun Run1Female17 Fun Run 7.7 m/hr
55243David MUKA7:46.38-9 years9Male38BANISTERSchools Challenge 7.7 m/hr
56135Matthew FRIEND7:47.88-9 years Fun Run3Male39 Fun Run 7.7 m/hr
57259Charlotte O'FLYNN7:48.08-9 years9Female18SPRINGHILL CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.7 m/hr
58136Robin FRIEND7:48.014 Years Fun Run4Male40 Fun Run 7.7 m/hr
59448Caitlyn WHITE7:48.38-9 years10Female19 Schools Challenge 7.7 m/hr
60417Shanti BIHET7:49.88-9 years Fun Run1Female20 Fun Run 7.7 m/hr
61210Stuart KERSHAW7:50.614 Years Fun Run5Male41 Fun Run 7.6 m/hr
6241Mark BOCKLE7:51.114 Years Fun Run6Male42 Fun Run 7.6 m/hr
63392Fred MCHUGH7:51.510-11 years Fun Run5Male43 Fun Run 7.6 m/hr
64471Jack PRESLEY7:52.1Under 8s Fun Run1Male44 Fun Run 7.6 m/hr
65221Aleksander KUDLA7:52.68-9 years10Male45HILTINGBURY JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.6 m/hr
66463Edward GRIMER7:58.58-9 years11Male46 Schools Challenge 7.5 m/hr
67223Dylan LANDICK8:01.68-9 years12Male47BITTERNE C OF E PRIMARYSchools Challenge 7.5 m/hr
68286Ned ROBERTSON8:01.68-9 years Fun Run4Male48 Fun Run 7.5 m/hr
69261Hashen ZNATI8:02.910-11 years Fun Run6Male49 Fun Run 7.5 m/hr
70225Oscar LEON8:04.38-9 years13Male50HILTINGBURY JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.4 m/hr
71488Joe SMITH8:05.714 Years Fun Run7Male51 Fun Run 7.4 m/hr
72274Dylan POWELL8:05.910-11 years14Male52FAIRISLE JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.4 m/hr
7351Ben BRYANT8:07.38-9 years14Male53HILTINGBURY JUNIORSchools Challenge 7.4 m/hr
74224Georgia LAWRENCE8:08.08-9 years11Female21HILTINGBURY JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.4 m/hr
75353Alex WARD8:08.18-9 years Fun Run5Male54 Fun Run 7.4 m/hr
76204Francesca JOSLIN8:09.0Under 8s Fun Run1Female22 Fun Run 7.4 m/hr
77301Ismaila SCYLLA8:10.414 Years Fun Run2Female23 Fun Run 7.3 m/hr
78205Harriet JOSLIN8:11.48-9 years12Female24SPRINGHILL CATHOLIC SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.3 m/hr
79420Harrison WARNER8:12.28-9 years15Male55 Schools Challenge 7.3 m/hr
8082Jordan CLOTHIER8:12.310-11 years15Male56FAIRISLE JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.3 m/hr
81419Isobel DINES8:12.48-9 years13Female25 Schools Challenge 7.3 m/hr
82387Nickolaos ZERVAS8:13.810-11 years16Male57SPRINGHILL CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL SOUTHAMPTONSchools Challenge 7.3 m/hr
83446Annabelle BOCKLE8:15.38-9 years Fun Run2Female26 Fun Run 7.3 m/hr
84157Amber HARVEY8:16.98-9 years14Female27HILTINGBURY JUNIORSSchools Challenge 7.2 m/hr
85571Ana SMYTH8:21.214 years plus1Female28 Fun Run 7.2 m/hr
86275Lara PRINCE8:21.310-11 years5Female29SHIRLEY JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.2 m/hr
87356Thomas WEBB8:22.98-9 years16Male58HILTINGBURY JUNIORSSchools Challenge 7.2 m/hr
88464Ruben ABURROW8:25.58-9 years17Male59 Schools Challenge 7.1 m/hr
89308Mark SHARROCKS8:28.514 Years Fun Run8Male60 Fun Run 7.1 m/hr
90422Adam KIERPACZ8:29.08-9 years Fun Run6Male61 Fun Run 7.1 m/hr
916Ruben ANDRADE8:29.412-13 Years Fun Run4Male62 Fun Run 7.1 m/hr
92307George SHARROCKS8:29.68-9 years Fun Run7Male63 Fun Run 7.1 m/hr
93326Jack STEELS8:29.8Under 8s Fun Run2Male64 Fun Run 7.1 m/hr
94325Andy STEELS8:30.414 Years Fun Run9Male65 Fun Run 7.1 m/hr
95222Amelie KUNERT8:31.28-9 years15Female30HILTINGBURY JUNIOR SCHOOLSchools Challenge 7.0 m/hr
96437Kate NORTH8:33.714 Years Fun Run3Female31 Fun Run 7.0 m/hr
97435Alex NORTH8:34.1Under 8s Fun Run3Male66 Fun Run 7.0 m/hr
98139Anise GAIR8:34.68-9 years16Female32HILTINGBURY JUNIORSchools Challenge 7.0 m/hr
99233Erin MADDOCK8:35.28-9 years Fun Run3Female33 Fun Run 7.0 m/hr
100467Lukas KUNERT8:41.9Under 8s Fun Run4Male67 Fun Run 6.9 m/hr