Chew Valley 10k
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10 Jun 2018
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1664James RODGERS33:44.033:44.0Senior Male1Male1NORTH SOMERSET AC 17.8 km/h
2236David EAGON37:49.037:48.7Senior Male2Male2BRISTOL AND WEST AC (EST. 1882) 15.9 km/h
3408Paul JEFFERSON38:16.438:16.1V401Male3BRISTOL AND WEST AC (EST. 1882) 15.7 km/h
4252Brendan FAN38:54.038:49.7Senior Male3Male4  15.4 km/h
5266Russell FORSBROOK39:02.139:00.6V402Male5CHELTENHAM AND COUNTY HARRIERS 15.4 km/h
6396Gary HUNT39:10.039:09.3Senior Male4Male6GREAT WESTERN RUNNERS 15.3 km/h
7308Jeremy GRIFFIN39:18.239:17.3V501Male7  15.3 km/h
8390Gareth HUGHES39:42.739:38.9Senior Male5Male8  15.1 km/h
9682Duncan SAUNDERS39:55.039:54.5V451Male9  15.0 km/h
1071Cosmo BORN40:08.040:02.6Senior Male6Male10  14.9 km/h
11114Andy BUSH40:58.540:55.7Senior Male7Male11EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB 14.6 km/h
12259Mark FINN41:07.041:05.9V502Male12SOMER AC 14.6 km/h
13214Chris DOWDEN41:18.841:17.8V452Male13NAILSEA RUNNING CLUB 14.5 km/h
14560Jason NASH41:24.541:22.5Senior Male8Male14SOMER AC 14.5 km/h
15460Peter LARMAN41:27.541:24.7V453Male15FROME RUNNING CLUB 14.5 km/h
16705Andrew SMALL41:31.541:27.5V454Male16EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB 14.4 km/h
17818Chris WILLIAMS41:32.141:28.4V503Male17EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB 14.4 km/h
18539Hannah MOORE41:37.641:35.9Senior Female1Female1  14.4 km/h
19492Adam LUMBER41:38.141:35.3V403Male18SOUTHVILLE RUNNING CLUB 14.4 km/h
20842Graham WRIGHT41:46.941:41.5Senior Male9Male19EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB 14.4 km/h
21604Matt PEGLER41:48.641:47.6V404Male20SOMER AC 14.4 km/h
22620Shaun POPEL41:52.741:46.8V405Male21  14.3 km/h
23541Rob MOORE41:53.141:46.7V406Male22  14.3 km/h
24693Simon SEWART41:53.441:51.3V407Male23  14.3 km/h
25605Matt PENNEYCARD41:56.641:49.7Senior Male10Male24  14.3 km/h
26198Ryan DAY42:19.242:08.2Senior Male11Male25  14.2 km/h
27294Anna GODFREY42:23.642:22.4Senior Female2Female2READING AC 14.2 km/h
2834Stephen BALL42:29.642:27.0Senior Male12Male26  14.1 km/h
29265Graham FORREST42:45.442:38.2V455Male27  14.0 km/h
30718Thomas SOUSA42:49.042:45.7Under 201Male28  14.0 km/h
31554David MUDFORD42:56.642:54.0V456Male29AVON VALLEY RUNNERS 14.0 km/h
32165Jer COURT42:58.942:53.4V408Male30EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB 14.0 km/h
33312Graham GROUT43:10.343:07.1V601Male31BRISTOL AND WEST AC (EST. 1882) 13.9 km/h
34825James WILLIS43:41.443:28.2Senior Male13Male32  13.7 km/h
35700Steve SHUTE43:43.743:41.8V551Male33  13.7 km/h
3679Matt BRADLEY43:45.843:39.5V409Male34EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB 13.7 km/h
37608Sam PERRY44:09.344:08.1Senior Male14Male35SOMER AC 13.6 km/h
38437Michael KEYNES44:13.844:09.2Senior Male15Male36  13.6 km/h
39111Steve BURGESS44:17.144:13.6V457Male37  13.5 km/h
40751Paul TOOGOOD44:23.844:18.3Senior Male16Male38  13.5 km/h
41449Carly KINGSWOOD44:26.444:11.6V351Female3  13.5 km/h
42502John MALLONE44:33.044:32.4V651Male39NAILSEA RUNNING CLUB 13.5 km/h
43813James WHITE44:34.144:10.5Senior Male17Male40  13.5 km/h
44475Chris LEWIS44:45.744:42.6Senior Male18Male41  13.4 km/h
45339Steve HAWKINS44:48.344:39.9V504Male42  13.4 km/h
4611Robert ANDREWS44:51.044:43.8V552Male43EMERSONS GREEN RUNNING CLUB 13.4 km/h
47828Daniel WINTER44:51.044:48.4V4010Male44  13.4 km/h
48184Christian DANDO44:52.344:42.2Senior Male19Male45  13.4 km/h
49640James RADCLIFFE44:53.344:52.0Senior Male20Male46  13.4 km/h
50641Katie RADCLIFFE44:53.444:51.8V352Female4  13.4 km/h
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