Battle on the Beach
15 Apr 2018

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PosBib NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosSecond CatSecond Cat PosGenderGen Pos
12Tim DUNFORDEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
17Lewys HOBBSEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
20Ian BENDALLEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
26Nick SHAUGHNESSYEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
29Bruce DALTONEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
57Ronan ZANDBEEKEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
58Robbie GEVERSEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
62Bevan HUMPHREYSEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
63Paul BETHELLEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
76Peter TURNBULLEnteredGrand Veteran Male (50-59)Male
83Ben SPURRIEREnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
91Martin SMITHEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
98Mark DAVIESEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
103Alan ALLCOCKEnteredSuper Veteran Male (60-69)Male
105Nigel ALLENEnteredGrand Veteran Male (50-59)Male
107Nathan ANSCOMBEEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
109Ben ANSTIEEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
112Colin ARTHUREnteredMale
113Vivienne ARTHUREnteredFemale
115Greg ATKINSEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)FatbikeMale
118Chris BAILEYEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
125Ian BARHAMEnteredGrand Veteran Male (50-59)Male
129Steven BAXTEREnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
134Nick BENTLEYEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)FatbikeMale
139Steven BIRCHENOUGHEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
140David BISHOPEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
144Nick BLIGHTEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
146John BONASEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)FatbikeMale
149Jonathan BOOTHEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
152Ross BORTHWICKEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
153Richard BOTTEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
158Kate BOWERSEnteredOpen Female (16+)Female
159Stuart BOWERSEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
160Tom BOWMANEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
164Adam BRASSEYEnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
166James BREAKWELLEnteredOpen Male (16+)SinglespeedMale
173Mark BROCKEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
174Ben BROOKEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
176Andy BROWNEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
177David BROWNEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
187Simon BURGESSEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
189Rob BURNHAMEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
193Paul BUTLEREnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
200Daniel CARREnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
203Louis CARTEREnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
220Garry CLARKEnteredGrand Veteran Male (50-59)Male
221Paul CLARKEnteredGrand Veteran Male (50-59)Male
242Will COOPEREnteredOpen Male (16+)Male
243David COPLEYEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
246Robert CORNWELLEnteredVeteran Male (40-49)Male
Page 1 of 5 (218 items)