Corsham 10k Road Race
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22 Apr 2018
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12037Dylan CLATWORTHY7:31.07:26.6Under 151Male1 16.0 km/h
22080William GOYMER7:43.07:42.4Under 131Male2 15.5 km/h
32092Ethan HUNT8:08.58:08.5Under 152Male3 14.7 km/h
42110Emily LUCKING8:21.88:20.5Under 151Female1 14.3 km/h
52173Elodie THOMPSON8:22.08:18.1Under 131Female2 14.3 km/h
62055Archie ENSTONE8:22.98:22.9Under 111Male4 14.3 km/h
72111Jack LUCKING8:26.28:25.8Under 112Male5 14.2 km/h
82057Elliott EPTON 8:30.38:29.5Under 91Male6 14.1 km/h
92091Wills HUDSON8:32.18:31.0Under 132Male7 14.1 km/h
102011James BENNETT8:46.98:45.5Under 133Male8CHIPPENHAM HARRIERS13.7 km/h
112185Simon WARNER8:47.58:47.1Under 113Male9 13.6 km/h
122132Lenny OSLER8:47.58:47.5Under 134Male10TEAM REGIS 13.6 km/h
132090Harry HOLT8:53.38:52.9Under 92Male11 13.5 km/h
142012Jasper BENNETT8:59.28:59.0Under 135Male12CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB13.4 km/h
152145Isobel RICHARDS8:59.88:59.5Under 132Female3CHIPPENHAM HARRIERS13.3 km/h
162103Aaron KING8:59.98:57.6Under 93Male13 13.3 km/h
172146Molly RICHARDS9:04.59:04.2Under 111Female4CHIPPENHAM HARRIERS13.2 km/h
182096Dexter INMAN9:07.29:06.1Under 94Male14CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB13.2 km/h
192038Logan CRABTREE 9:09.89:09.0Under 95Male15CORSHAM REGIS SCHOOL13.1 km/h
202007Hayden BARNETT9:14.29:13.9Under 114Male16CHIPPENHAM HARRIERS13.0 km/h
212015Thomas BENNETT9:22.49:21.2Under 115Male17CHIPPENHAM HARRIERS12.8 km/h
222005Thomas ANTROBUS 9:24.29:18.2Under 116Male18 12.8 km/h
232200Oscar ZALEK9:24.39:23.2Under 117Male19CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB12.8 km/h
242051Theo DUNN9:24.99:24.2Under 136Male20 12.7 km/h
252104Nathaniel KING9:27.89:24.8Under 118Male21 12.7 km/h
262026Billy BURTON9:29.29:27.0Under 96Male22 12.6 km/h
272099Michelle KATSANDE 9:29.79:27.9Under 112Female5 12.6 km/h
282181Anna TURNER9:31.59:29.4Under 113Female6 12.6 km/h
292127Jack NISBET9:34.19:33.8Under 119Male23 12.5 km/h
302128Nico NISBET9:35.79:33.7Under 91Female7 12.5 km/h
312167Jake STRAFFEN9:36.79:32.3Under 97Male24CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB12.5 km/h
322186Fraser WARREN9:37.19:31.6Under 1110Male25 12.5 km/h
332124Oscar MORRIS9:37.89:37.5Under 1111Male26 12.5 km/h
342039Darcey CROSSMAN 9:38.49:38.0Under 114Female8 12.4 km/h
352085Bobby HODGE9:39.19:36.1Under 98Male27CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB12.4 km/h
362067William FRYER9:43.19:34.5Under 99Male28 12.3 km/h
372008Lucy BARNETT9:43.29:41.6Under 152Female9CHIPPENHAM HARRIERS12.3 km/h
382191Jack WILLIAMS 9:51.99:41.9Under 153Male29CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB12.2 km/h
392023William BRITAIN9:53.39:52.2Under 137Male30 12.1 km/h
402178Abbie TRIM9:53.89:51.2Under 133Female10 12.1 km/h
412022Amy BRITAIN9:53.99:51.5Under 115Female11HEYWOOD PREP12.1 km/h
422014Monte BENNETT9:57.09:56.6Under 1112Male31CORSHAM RUNNING CLUB12.1 km/h
432031Lily CLARK9:59.09:58.2Under 92Female12 12.0 km/h
442084Max HILLIARD10:01.09:58.3Under 910Male32 12.0 km/h
452179Chloe TRIM10:05.310:01.9Under 116Female13 11.9 km/h
462030Oliver BUTTERWORTH10:07.49:59.4Under 911Male33 11.9 km/h
472001Oliver ALDRED10:07.710:00.9Under 912Male34 11.8 km/h
482017Henry BONSER10:08.510:04.3Under 913Male35TEAM REGIS 11.8 km/h
492155Obi SHORT10:08.510:07.8Under 914Male36 11.8 km/h
502120Jake MORETON-COOK10:09.010:01.1Under 915Male37 11.8 km/h
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