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11 Feb 2018
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1 Dan ANDERSON 7MaleTop 3Manual Back Up11:54:5501:23:48 11
2 James EVERETT 185MaleTop 3Manual Back Up11:55:5601:24:4900:01:0122
3 Paul HORSFALL 278MaleTop 3Manual Back Up11:59:2901:28:2200:04:3433
4 Simon BYRNE 92MaleMSenManual Back Up11:59:3701:28:2900:04:4114
5 Tom WARD 570MaleM40Manual Back Up12:01:2001:30:1400:06:2515
6 Tim BRITTON 71MaleMSenManual Back Up12:01:5601:30:4900:07:0127
7 Mike CROMPTON 142MaleMSenManual Back Up12:02:1201:31:0500:07:1738
8 Neil EVERETT 186MaleMSenManual Back Up12:02:3301:31:2500:07:38511
9 Robert FORD 192MaleMSenManual Back Up12:02:4201:31:3600:07:47612
10 Tom SUTHERLAND 536MaleMSenManual Back Up12:03:4601:32:3700:08:51713
11 Toby DICKENS 163MaleMJunManual Back Up12:05:2001:34:1000:10:25216
12 Benjamin ROSEDALE 477MaleM40Manual Back Up12:07:1101:35:5900:12:16419
13 Dan SANDFORD 486MaleM40Manual Back Up12:08:5401:37:4500:13:59624
14 Thomas SMITH 516MaleMSenManual Back Up12:09:0101:37:5100:14:061125
15 Julian BOON 59MaleM45Manual Back Up12:10:0401:38:5700:15:09428
16 Ned LAMMAS 328MaleM50Manual Back Up12:11:4501:40:3600:16:50132
17 Dylan ROBERTS 468MaleMSenManual Back Up12:14:1401:43:0600:19:181639
18 Chris HARRIS 249MaleM40Manual Back Up12:15:5501:44:4500:21:001243
19 Andrew BLACKBURN 55MaleM40Manual Back Up12:16:0101:44:5400:21:061344
20 Thomas MILLARD 384MaleM45Manual Back Up12:16:0801:44:5800:21:13945
21 Matt HAZEL-LIVALL 258MaleMSenManual Back Up12:16:1201:44:5800:21:171746
22 Scott BERRY 47MaleM40Manual Back Up12:17:0601:45:5200:22:111449
23 Matthew HICKMAN 265MaleMSenManual Back Up12:17:2901:46:1400:22:341953
24 David BEARD 33MaleM40Manual Back Up12:17:5701:46:4900:23:021654
25 Andrew PROCTER 451MaleM40Manual Back Up12:19:5801:48:4800:25:032163
26 Brendan MARRINAN 363MaleMSenManual Back Up12:20:0001:48:4900:25:052164
27 Neil NEWMAN 398MaleM45Manual Back Up12:22:3101:51:2000:27:351773
28 Francois LOW 352MaleMSenManual Back Up12:22:4401:51:3400:27:492676
29 Jonathan DOYLE 169MaleMSenManual Back Up12:23:0301:51:5200:28:082777
30 Jason CAMPBELL 96MaleM45Manual Back Up12:23:3501:52:1400:28:402180
31 Matt BRADLEY 64MaleM40Manual Back Up12:23:4601:52:3000:28:512484
32 Amber BULLINGHAM 83FemaleFSenManual Back Up12:23:5601:52:4500:29:01611
33 Kath SUTHERLAND 535FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:24:2501:53:1200:29:29213
34 Stuart REEVES 462MaleMSenManual Back Up12:24:2701:53:1600:29:322990
35 Dan BRICE 70MaleM40Manual Back Up12:25:1101:53:5300:30:162999
36 Phil PARTRIDGE 425MaleMSenManual Back Up12:26:4101:55:2200:31:4633105
37 Paul MOSS 392MaleMSenManual Back Up12:26:4301:55:3000:31:4734106
38 Phil RICHARDSON 465MaleM40Manual Back Up12:27:4201:56:3100:32:4631109
39 Marcus BENNETT 41MaleMSenManual Back Up12:27:4501:56:3900:32:5037110
40 Rachel STANLEY-EVANS 526FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:28:0701:56:5100:33:12316
41 Nik BRUCE 80MaleM45Manual Back Up12:28:1801:57:0300:33:2329114
42 Tom PARSONS 424MaleMSenManual Back Up12:28:2301:57:0200:33:2838115
43 Alun MORGAN 390MaleM40Manual Back Up12:29:1601:57:3300:34:21  
44 Gavin JACKSON 288MaleM45Manual Back Up12:29:3601:58:1700:34:4130119
45 Chris WHITE 580MaleM40Manual Back Up12:29:5501:58:2700:35:0035120
46 Glen MEEK 380MaleM40Manual Back Up12:30:2601:59:0100:35:3137124
47 Joanne JAGO 291FemaleF35Manual Back Up12:30:5101:59:3300:35:56322
48 Callum LIVINGSTONE 347MaleMSenManual Back Up12:31:3802:00:3200:36:4341133
49 Gareth PONSFORD 437MaleMSenManual Back Up12:31:5302:00:3700:36:5843135
50 Donna SHEEN 498FemaleF35Manual Back Up12:31:5402:00:3900:36:59423
51 Andrew OBORNE 405MaleM45Manual Back Up12:31:5602:00:4300:37:0133136
52 Craig CAWTHORNE 103MaleMSenManual Back Up12:32:5602:01:5000:38:0145140
53 Paul HAIG 239MaleM50Manual Back Up12:33:1602:01:5200:38:219142
54 Clon ULRICK 558MaleM60Manual Back Up12:33:4202:02:2800:38:471144
55 Samuel JONES 307MaleMSenManual Back Up12:35:3302:04:2500:40:3848153
56 Alex WRAITH 599MaleMSenManual Back Up12:35:4102:04:1300:40:4650155
57 Neil SCANLON 488MaleMSenManual Back Up12:35:4402:04:1400:40:4851156
58 Robert HOPKINS 276MaleM40Manual Back Up12:36:0402:04:5000:41:0942158
59 Jadie COTTERELL 130FemaleFSenManual Back Up12:36:1402:04:5500:41:19924
60 Mark SPRIGINGS 525MaleMSenManual Back Up12:36:3102:05:1700:41:3653161
61 Francesca AMIGONI 6FemaleFSenManual Back Up12:36:3202:05:1800:41:371025
62 Richard BEETLESTONE 38MaleMSenManual Back Up12:37:0602:05:4000:42:1156164
63 James BURNS 85MaleM40Manual Back Up12:37:4302:06:2200:42:4844169
64 Therese DE SOUZA 157FemaleFSenManual Back Up12:38:2802:06:5400:43:331229
65 David WYATT 600MaleM40Manual Back Up12:38:3002:07:0400:43:3545173
66 Kerrin COCKS 121FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:39:3802:08:0900:44:43532
67 Andrew KAYE 312MaleM55Manual Back Up12:39:4902:08:2400:44:5313175
68 Lee FRANCIS 197MaleMSenManual Back Up12:41:2502:09:4200:46:3060180
69 Scott TEMLETT 542MaleM45Manual Back Up12:42:0002:10:4300:47:0541181
70 Si WALSH 568MaleM45Manual Back Up12:42:0102:10:3000:47:0642182
71 Suzanne DAVIS 156FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:42:2802:10:5700:47:33642
72 John WILLIAMS 590MaleM40Manual Back Up12:43:1502:11:4000:48:2047185
73 Steve WALLBRIDGE 566MaleM55Manual Back Up12:43:3602:12:2000:48:4116186
74 Colin GOULDING 221MaleM40Manual Back Up12:43:5902:12:1500:49:0448188
75 Cathy DUDFIELD 170FemaleF45Manual Back Up12:44:3802:13:2000:49:43647
76 Russell CONNOR 124MaleM40Manual Back Up12:44:5702:13:1300:50:0249192
77 Rob LEWIS 342MaleM45Manual Back Up12:45:0702:13:3700:50:1243193
78 Aly GROUT 230FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:45:1002:13:4100:50:151049
79 Will SUMPTER 533MaleM40Manual Back Up12:45:1202:13:2800:50:1750194
80 Sophie LONGLEY 351FemaleFSenManual Back Up12:45:5102:14:1600:50:561550
81 Karen PAYNE 427FemaleF45Manual Back Up12:46:1102:14:2900:51:16751
82 Zoe PRIDDLE 447FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:46:4302:15:1000:51:481152
83 Humphrey WIDDAS 584MaleM40Manual Back Up12:47:5402:16:3300:52:5951197
84 Aaron BENNETT 44MaleMSenManual Back Up12:47:5902:16:2700:53:0463198
85 Jacqui WYNDS 601FemaleF60Manual Back Up12:48:1202:16:3900:53:17255
86 Jane BURTON 87FemaleF35Manual Back Up12:48:2102:16:5800:53:26956
87 James HOSKEN 279MaleMSenManual Back Up12:48:2302:16:5500:53:2864201
88 Stuart KING 319MaleMSenManual Back Up12:48:2702:17:1000:53:3265202
89 Amy STEWART 528FemaleF35Manual Back Up12:48:3702:16:5900:53:421057
90 Matthew SHIPP 506MaleM45Manual Back Up12:49:1302:17:3600:54:1846203
91 Neil CROSS 143MaleM55Manual Back Up12:50:2202:18:5900:55:2717206
92 Robert LABRUM 323MaleM40Manual Back Up12:51:0702:19:3400:56:1252207
93 Claire BRICE 69FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:52:0302:20:3600:57:081259
94 Sarah WINTLE 592FemaleF40Manual Back Up12:52:0602:20:3800:57:111360
95 Rod CLYDE 120MaleM50Manual Back Up12:52:1002:20:3400:57:1516209
96 Ben GROOM 229MaleMSenManual Back Up12:52:3302:20:5600:57:3867210
97 James PEACH 429MaleM40Manual Back Up12:52:5202:21:1300:57:5753211
98 David SHACKLOCK 496MaleMSenManual Back Up12:53:1302:21:3600:58:1869215
99 Dave ELLIOTT 182MaleM60Manual Back Up12:54:1302:22:3800:59:185216
100 Martin GARSED 210MaleMSenManual Back Up12:54:4502:23:3600:59:5070219
Page 1 of 5 (460 items)

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